Does anyone have an aleph and a ER-301?

  • How do the learning curves of these compare?
  • Does it even make sense to compare the two?
  • Do you use both together?
  • (Am I being crazy?)

I see they could have quite a bit of common ground. Both modular in nature too… (aleph running bees)

In general, any first-hand report on any of them appreciated.

I don’t have an Aleph, but I did want to mention that the Orthogonal Devices wiki has been recently updated with new documentation for the ER-301, and it’s really great for gaining a better understanding of how it works. This is an especially useful page:


Wow. Trying to imagine the possibilities of just these two units interconnected is breaking my brain.

Ha, love the Pitfall reference!

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add a teletype and just friends and my head explodes

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