Does anyone remember the hartmann neuron?

Looks like google has released a m4live neural synthesizer.

Info here:

Download here:


Discovered the Neuron through a perfect circuit video demo a few months ago. Spent a while trying to get the vst to load on my comp but couldn’t ever get it loading and making sound.

There’s a Facebook group that had some interesting updates from a user who was refurbishing a Neuron.

Also Push Turn Move has an interesting interview with Axel Hartmann (who has done design work on a lot of pretty famous synths).

Excited to check this out, thanks for sharing!

There’s a great interview with Axel Hartmann about his work (and the Neuron) here:

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I have a Neuron VS controller for the VST incarnation of the Hartmann Neuron. I like the ideas behind the Neuron but both the hardware and software had flaws. I believe Stephan Bernsee found the original code for the VST plugin some years ago, fixed some bugs and re-released it for OSX.

I want to be excited about the google NSynth, but it appears to be essentially a sample pack:

Rather than generating sounds on demand, we curated a set of original sounds ahead of time. We then synthesized all of their interpolated z-representations. To smooth out the transitions, we additionally mix the audio in real-time from the nearest sound on the grid.

The synth itself is trained around the concept of a note, which seems like an oddly boring place to start from…

On the subject of synthesizers based on neural network simulations, David Tudor’s neural synth experiments are super cool: