Double reply posts

Is it just me or is it somehow confusing to see reply posts both under the post which was replied (when collapsed), and as a seperate post again below?

just my 2 cents :yum:

the bottom reply is to the whole thread, vs individual reply to a post. it was a little perplexing to me at first, but in the end i like it. a reply-to-post links to the original post.

posting this a a reply to tehn’s post.
testing if it shows up in the whole thread as well.

my own reply to tehn’s post does show as a reply to the whole thread but not as a (collapsed) reply to then’s post.

it will still show up in the thread.

you can alternatively “reply as linked topic” on the right of the post.

test (yes minimum of 20 chars of course)

ok thanks guys. I was under the impression it was because I expanded the replies… but now I have to say I’m slightly more confused :sweat_smile:

but no worries, thanks :+1: