Dousing - As The Streets Emptied (saturated and noisy wurlitzer, OP-1, field recording 24 min. piece)

This is a 24-minute drone/ambient/collage piece comprised of loops from my wurlirzer, OP-1, and volca fm. Made this right before the shelter in place order happened, finished in quarantine/isolation. The field recording is from the park by my house the day before.

I’m inspired equally by drone, ambient, minimalism, and shoegaze sounds. Performed pretty hot to 4-track cassette from the looper and back to digital, I like to not leave much headroom so the track can block outside noise when I’m listening somewhere like on the train or a busy street. Of course, that seems silly at the moment.

I just “remastered” the other album on my bandcamp from a year and a half ago, too, and they are both free/pay what you wish. Thanks for listening.


hi ben! thx for the reminder didn’t know u were round these parts :dizzy:


Hey buddy! Yeah, I’ve lurked for years and decided I should finally make an account. Love the stuff you’ve been making and I hope you’re surviving okay.