Dragonfly USB DAC on Norns shield possible?

I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the norns shield audio out to try and compare the sound to my AQ dragonfly black DAC via the Pi USB?

I ve no idea if that would be actually worth it but i am curious as the sound of this DAC is very detailed. I would still need to have the shield input active, so i dont have real expectations of this working.

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You can setup the USB audio interface as you would normally on raspbian.

Then change the jack audio plumbing in the norns system services.

Not straightforward but possible.

However you’d not be able to have norns software access BOTH DACs at the same time (unless there’s some magic Jack routing that can achieve this)


Like @okyeron said, not very straightforward and you will have drift unless you can find someway to share a hw clock.


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