Dreadbox Thread

Dreadbox has been really appealing to me ever since I first started getting into synths, but I’ve never wound up with one of their instruments. I love their designs and aesthetic (aside from that Hypnosis box which honestly makes me gag). They just announced a new eurorack synth voice that looks really interesting–the Antiphon, and since there isn’t a thread for their devices yet I figured now would be a good time to start one and see what people here enjoy about them.

Antiphon may be the one that I finally end up getting. It’s super unique and just happens to be the exact width of my smaller 7u case.


Wished they’d release it stand alone, it’s such an absolutely loveable concept.

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The cardboard cases/PSU’s they sell with their kits are supposedly pretty sturdy and inexpensive.

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well. i had managed to avoid hardware lust, despite having a couple of necessities lined up for when i can get them. but.

now i really need a nyx.

I have a erebus V2 and I like it. I think it has a lot of character - but possibly this is because it does not give you many options. I like the clock noise on the delay.

the noises at the start of this old track are made with it - and I REALLY like them

I’ve been looking at that antiphon kit for a few days. It’s very tempting - I’d love to see a demo of it with some more interesting patches.


I’ve had my eye on the new Komorebi pedal. Nice that it can be switched to accept different input levels, lots of options for using with guitar or modular. I only wish that it could accept more than +/-5 volts for it’s inputs.

I have one that came with the Hades I got direct from Dreadbox. It was fine, but I didn’t like having the Hades in something so relatively fragile knocking around, so put it in a rack where it was later joined by a lil’Erebus (which also came in a carboard case but without the power and midi).

It’s tempting to get some modules to fill up the empty card rack though…

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I had an Erebus v3 but had to get rid of it due to an incredibly loud issue with the autotuning routine. I tried everything but it just wanted to sound like a dial-up modem. Pretty sad.

The Nyx v2 looks and sounds insane though.


I’ve had the awesome opportunity to own the Erebus V3, the Hades, and the Abyss. The Erebus V3 was a royal pain in terms of having to constantly tune it, but it did sound great. The Hades was simple but there was something really appealing to the oscillator section. Both of those I ended up selling, though.

The Abyss, on the other hand, is such a beautiful character synth with a variety of ways to get weird and beautiful (e.g. delay, reflections, phaser, more), and is maybe my second favourite synth I own. It sounds incredible, and I hope that someday they revisit the idea of the Abyss, because more people should really get the opportunity to play with it. It’s really a gem.


I had been hoping to play with an abyss at some point. Sad to see it seems to be discontinued :frowning:

Six new colourful modules at excellent prices from Dreadbox are coming in December:


Nostalgia, Ataxia and Utopia seem like the ones for me…


Who would have thought it’d be Dreadbox who would beat Behringer at its own game ? Knowing the company I’ll be curious to listen to what they do. And also, colors !


Some of the functions and LFOs look intriguing already.

These new dreadbox modules sure are priced nicely. Not sure yet how I feel about the colors, but they’re growing on me.



Now with added video:


I really like that VCO design. And the noise crush module looks interesting.


It’s not really clear what it is ‘in tune’ to, is it? Looks like it’s a toggle.

It looks to me like it would be a toggle to quantize cv coming into the octave and semitone inputs so you can choose to use them for sequencing or FM. (that’s total assumption though)

The Erebus manual says this about an ‘autotune’ feature. Maybe they are similar and just affect the scaling of octaves? Otherwise, I don’t personally see how it would be desired to have a built in quantizer without a scale selection.

When DIP 1 is On, the background autotuning is active. This means that whenever the AMP envelope is at a rest, (the release stage must have ended!) the autotuning will kick in, after 1 second. This will calibrate the scaling of the oscillators, so as they are constantly in tune. Each calibration takes about 2-3 seconds and it will run in an endless loop. After just 1 calibration, the unit is ready to play, but it is strongly suggested that you allow the synth to warm up for at least 5 minutes before playing.

Yannis presenting the Chromatic series at Dutch Modular Fest, including demonstrating the quantize function on the VCO module.