Dreadbox Thread

Oh maaaaaan. I definitely like that Dystopia module. That looks like a lot of fun.

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20 chars of them all.

@nutritionalzero As a primary school music teacher, this statement hits home a little too well haha.

Also, I agree, the new line of modules looks great. Love the color scheme and the price as well.


Happened upon a 20% coupon for guitar center and picked up the Komorebi. Really happy with it so far. There’s quite a range of sounds and the modular connectivity is handy. The way it’s setup in terms of controls and modulation reminds me a little of the Xaoc Kameniec.

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I looooove the sound of this one!

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Yet more Chromatic module demos:

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Here’s a sketch of an Antiphon self-modulating using one LFO to modulate the other (and the LPF via a splitter; the HPF is being modulated by a Nyx LFO), which is in turn triggering a Disting Mk4 quantiser that is receiving CV and gate from an SQ-1 sequence. One osc is being run through a Takaab LPG for the fun of it, then everything is being processed by a Bastl Thyme, switching patterns on the fly.

It’s hugely enjoyable discovering what the module is capable of, and there’s the occasional happy spring reverb accident caused by bashing the case too – but this is by no means a finished track. There’s a lot of mileage to be explored with all 8 osc harmonics and the reverb to be sure.

Some new demo videos from Yannis:

(The latter two seem to be available to order from Dreadbox now too)


Do people have thoughts on the Nyx vs. Nyx 2, and the rest of the line-up? Seems to me the Erebus is the “phat monosynth” of the lineup, the Nyx is the “drone/pad/atmospherics synth”, and the Abyss is the “typical polysynth”/

I’ve never toyed with the Nyx, but it does seem a real shame to put a huge reverb on a device and have only mono out. I have the Erebus v3; it had some cool features, like its variable filter, but it had some serious tuning issues for me.

I would definitely not call the Abyss “typical”: it has a really particular, beautiful, characteristic sound to it; the layout is basically intuitive and perfect; its multi-mode setup makes it surprisingly versatile; its oscillators and filter are wonderful; its extra effects, the delay/reflector/phaser combo, really emphasize the most interesting aspects of its sound. The Abyss is kind of a one-of-a-kind device for me, really, but I’m sure others find it less spectacular.

The Nyx is one of the instruments I have hooked up and ready to go at all times as a self-patched drone and texture machine, with the reverb an integral part of its appeal. However, the lack of stereo has never bothered me particularly, nor made the sounds less interesting; though I’m sure it would be a nice addition.

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The mono out is a bit of a pain - using a DJ mixer that expects stereo RCA in, it’s always a janky solution to make that work. How is the gain on the headphones out? Might do that… Hmm.

Unfortunately there is no headphone out on the Nyx Mk 1, which is the version that I have :slightly_frowning_face:

Ended up using the headphones out… 1/4" to stereo RCA - the gain is a little low, but not horribly low. Having a low noise floor mixer/high dynamic range will help a lot here.

I am getting close to completing my antiphon build… when my missing cap I ordered eventually turns up.

I must admit to being confused by the tuning video. So do the first 6 oscillators all get tuned the same (220hz) or go up in octaves? How do 7 &8 get tuned? It might be something that makes more sense when you actually start doing it.

The eight sine wave oscs on an Antiphon modulated by a selection of LFOs and noise sources, fed into a trigger sync’d Boss DSD-3 and Bastl Thyme.

This has turned into a test of things to come as the soundcard crashed just as it was getting interesting, so there will doubtless be more - and perhaps more interesting, hopefully - sounds to explore in future.

As if by magic, Typhon appears:


This thing is going to be incredible:


anyone over here get one?

Mine was definitely worth the wait. I know there are a lot of updates planned, but one I wouldn’t mind seeing is sequencer MIDI out so that I could stack it with other gear for even more complex sounds.

A few things I made with it:


another thing, I promise note to spam too much. Just really love this synth!

One note sequence with probability fun:

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Two new Chromatic modules incoming, an 8-stage(!) phaser and Karplus-Strong strings: