motes of dust float through space - connecting and disconnecting


This stems from a long fascination with particle systems. As the distance between points passes a threshold a connection is made & a sound created.

Perhaps you’ve seen this simulation before? I’m not sure of the roots of this algorithm, Jared Tarbell’s Node Garden may have influenced this. It’s certainly worth a look. But I have seen it in several other places as well, & decided to try it out on norns and add a musical element to it.




– KEY1 shift
– KEY2 cycles param focus
– KEY3 cycles focus
– ENC1 transpose
– ENC2 param 1
– ENC3 param 2
– shift + KEY2 randomizes all
– shift + KEY3 randomizes focus


v0.5 - https://github.com/echophon/drift/archive/v0.5.zip

Change Log

v0.5 - scales & clocks
v0.4 - personal spaces - individual boundaries added for each mote
v0.3.0 - menus, boundary & random behaviors added
v0.1.0 - midi out, params for fast or slow drifts, long or short connections, global transpose on ENC1

Demo Sounds


yassssssssssssssssss what a concept

edit: just played with this for a bit. so beautiful.


this is awesome!!!

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You are two for two with compelling and emergent Norns instruments! I look forward to playing with this one.


I have it just running int he background - can it send midi out?


really cool idea. thanks for this

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Soooo looking forward to this, and your Barycenter, being added to maiden!


not yet, quite possibly in the future. I’d like to come up with a better strategy for avoiding stuck notes first

This is a lot of fun to just leave running for an evening with the occasional button push and running through several tape loopers and delays…

one thing - when button 1 is pressed and the Norns menu appears, the sound cuts out (this is on a Norns Shield).

Keep up the great work!

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I noticed this as well - should be an easy fix.
Note to self: don’t do your sound processing in the draw loop :slight_smile:


20 characters of midi added


this is mesmerizing visually and auditorially. love it


A quick test of the midi output into a Dreadbox Typhon - got to love that instant orchestral modernist feel!

(Sorry about the audible button clicks, low quality audio and shaky camera - it was done spontaneously on my mobile).



CHANGED KEY2 to shift +KEY2 - randomize all
ADDED KEY1 - shift
ADDED shift + KEY3 - randomize focus
ADDED KEY2 cycles parameter focus
ADDED display text of parameter under edit

NEW - boundary ops. new behaviors when a mote crosses a boundary threshold

  • wrap - default behavior, wraps to opposite side of screen
  • wrap half - wraps to halfway / midpoint of screen
  • bounce - reverses direction
  • random - wraps to a random point on the axis of travel

NEW - random ops. more fine tuned options for randomization

  • default - random xpos, ypos, & y movement, stops any x movement
  • xpos - just the x position
  • ypos - just the y position
  • xypos - just the x & y position
  • xmove - just the x-axis momentum
  • ymove - just the y-axis momentum
  • xymove - x&y momentum

Menu items to randomize & reset (no motion and even distribution)

appreciate any bug reports, feedback, etcetera


v0.4 personal space edition. each mote can drift now in it’s own space. maybe they’ll see a neighbor across the way and wave to them, maybe they’ll self-isolate, or isolate with a few friends

ADDED individual bounding box for each mote
ADDED additional random ops for updating bounding boxes, xboundary, yboundary, xyboundary
ADDED params for updating bounding boxes
CHANGED wrap half replaced with bounce random - reverses direction and resumes at random point within bounds


v0.5 taming the randomness

  • NEW scales - they are pleasing
  • NEW clocks - replaces metro under the hood, should allow for more aligned note strikes
  • a few small bug fixes, saner defaults

really dug into this script!
wove it into the performance last night…

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nice! is that a buddha machine / gristleism below your norns?

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good eye!
you are correct!

it’s modded with the audio out!

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Love the flooring Norns. What are you using as a stand?

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