Drifting - Monthly audiovisual ambient performance (Drifting 05 - July 9 - 8pm PST)

happy new year! my partner & I do a monthly audio visual ambient performance on Twitch. if you’re looking for a soothing & mind expanding entrance into your weekend, we’d love for you to join us! we start sharp at 8pm PST and perform for about 45 minutes.

our 4th iteration takes place this evening:

tonight I’ll be using the Polyend Tracker with some prerecorded ambient samples running through a Norns and a handful of eurorack oscillators to build up a drone. we’ll also be running some vocals through a handful of FX.

stream link: Twitch

and here’s a video from the last one: drifting 03 - a modular audiovisual soundbath - YouTube

after taking a 6 month break to deal with ~life stuff~ my partner and I are rekicking this series off with a final performance at our current home tonight.

tonight I plan on using guitar through my Chase Bliss pedal board, the UDO Super 6 desktop, Ensemble Oscillator, Morphagene, and the Syntakt. my partner will be using some LZX and Critter & Guitari video gear.

stream link: Twitch

video from the last one: drifting 04 - a modular audiovisual soundbath - YouTube

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