Driver for 802.11n dongle supplied with stock norns (silver)?

I have a Panda Wireless wi-fi dongle that I’ve been using for my Norns and was wondering if I can re-purpose the other one that Monome supplied for my Mac laptop? Is there a driver I’d need to install on my Mac? I can only find the name of the supplied dongle listed as "USB Product Name" = "802.11n WLAN Adapter" and "USB Vendor Name" = "Realtek"
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

this is the model, which should be plug and play, but here’s the driver just in case (taken from the 6th product image at the previous link, which a wild delivery method lol)

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Nice catch and lol indeed! I guess it is a rebranded Realtek ? Yeah - I thought so too regarding plug n play – maybe I need do a restart on my Mac. Thanks!

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Realtek makes the chipset but they don’t make many (any?) consumer products. It’s other companies that buy the chipset and integrate it.


Ahhh - thank you so much for the clarification :slight_smile:

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