Driving something other than audio with modular systems

People often use modular systems, whether Eurorack, Buchla, Serge or micromodular like Kastle etc. to drive audio. That’s all fine and good – we all love air pressure vibrations in the audio domain.

However a modular system is arguably an analog computer, a cybernetic machine, a neural network, a chaotic system… and anyway a function generator. Taken at face value, control voltage is control voltage. So what else have you witnessed/heard rumours of/dreamed of driving with modular systems other than sound, or what are your science fabulations that you are making on the spot.

Here on llllllllines we have the Video Synth Thread and a few more specialized threads.

Gauthier Déplaude has some posts on Instagram about driving a mechanical clock with Eurorack triangle LFO.


I could quite easily imagine attaching pens to motors driven by Eurorack and drawing on paper or sand. Or some pneumatic balloon installation? Lasers in a space? Not very imaginative I know I know. What about doing your home-economics calculations with modular instead of Excel? A friend wrote a non-linear computer algorithm telling them when to smoke and they ended up hating it so much because of the inconvenience they decided it’s just easier to drop the habit forever – it worked. I could imagine this a job for Eurorack.


I wonder if an old school polygraph could be driven by CV, like an ink oscilloscope.



I spotted this on Twitter recently: “Making a cpu using an analog modular synthesizer:exploding_head: Uses VCV Rack. Next step is presumably to build a computer in VCV Rack that can run VCV Rack.