Drone Day 2019


http://droneday.org/ is coming up!

We’re putting it on for the 3rd year in a row in the Vancouver, BC area: https://slowwild.party/droneday/

Anyone else putting on a show or playing for Drone Day?

Boston/Camberville Events

You Canadians always have the coolest holidays. :wink:


The same day we’re going to have a collective performance at Connessioni, in Milan (Italy), and I will sure drone the whole time to celebrate!


This will be the second year that our audio arts group, Holophon, will be staging Drone Day in Regina, SK. There’s been a Drone Day event of some sort or another here since it started in 2014.


I haven’t heard of this before but it sounds like great fun. Anyone in or around Oakland CA want to put something together? Maybe just a couple hours in a sunny spot at Lake Merritt or something?


I was thinking of putting up a Mixcloud playlist for the day, although I’m a little confused with how Mixcloud works :rofl:


Anyone want to make some drones together in London?


I’m thinking about getting together a live webcast with various people I know in different places around Europe. It might even happen…


Cool, our Colorado Modular Synth Society meetup it today, but I will see if anyone wants to drone out on the 25th too. We’ll send photos and sound when we do!


That sounds p interesting

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I played it in my hometown (St. John’s, NL!) a few years ago! :slight_smile: I’m actually going to be in Vancouver that weekend (from Seattle) for mountain biking and Modified Ghost festival. :thinking: Any spots still available?


Yes! We will squeeze in drop-ins if you just show up; no drones* will be turned away!

*except tiny helicopters or jerks, it’s wrong drone day for those


hrm… on second (third, fourth, etc) thought, I should probably skip this one since I already have an evening of METAL in the cards at Rickshaw and I’ll be there with non-electronic-music-loving friends. :smiley: That said, I’d definitely love to play something in Vancouver some time! I joined up on a Vancouver Modular group on FB that was recommended to me, also (where someone was asking about the Teletype)


Playing a droney Modular on the Spot set in Austin that day


Super last minute, but we got our act together to do some droning in Boston/Somerville:

We’re going to try to livestream it, will post a URL here if we do.


I got invited to this by an acquaintance and would love to come, but I’m out in the woods and droning to my heart’s content! I love any excuse for like-minded folks to make music, though.