Drone Day May 30, 2020

International Drone Day is coming up on May 30th!

I’m super bummed out about not to putting on a show in Vancouver/New West this year, but I’m not sure I have the mental muscle left to organize an online event, so I thought i would share with the thoughtful lines community :). Last years event here was insane. I can only hope for the same in 2021, but here we are in 2020.

I know everyone here is pretty resourceful and many of you have really good public avenues, podcasts, live streams, twitch, youtubes, yadda yaddas… Check out the link above, it’s been going on for years, please share, please drone :).

I’ll be streaming something somewhere.

All I really want to see is you droning on dr((((((o))))))ne Day.
Do you drone?



Started a flyer for this before covid for a group gathering, ill be droning from Asheville one way or another!


I will do a live drone stream via Twitch <3

Will try to wrangle some others locally, since I’m in a strange timezone :stuck_out_tongue:


I took part for the first time last year by livestream, and plan to do so again on 30 May in some form or other.


Oh what, count me in! Just finished setting up my streaming rig this week too. Hope you like resonators. :smiling_imp: :bell: :sparkles:


I was thinking earlier about whether a collaborative drone stream could work (given that precision timing is less of an issue).

I arrived at no conclusion


I was thinking we could have a lines virtual drone room of sorts maybe? So people can jump from stream to stream as they wish, and the droners won’t be time-limited.


Doing some digging tonight…

tl;dr— “Open source Zoom”, can stream your conference to youtube, but really low quality audio.

I spent a bit of time this evening trying out Jitsi on their servers (https://beta.meet.jit.si and https://meet.jit.si) after finding out that they “supported” stereo and you can disable a lot of the audio processing that focuses on voice. More on that here and here.

Unfortunately, the bitrate/audio quality is so low, that even mixing a couple voices get’s really muddy really fast. Also I could not get stereo working on either beta or production.

tl;dr—Live Streams viewable in the browser now! WITH CHAT! You can have 2 accounts at the same time on 1 stream; automatically ends after 1 hour, but you can restart.

Over the last while, Instagram has really stepped up the browser interface to Instagram. I’ve had a (hideous but functional) extension installed for a while to watch Instagram Live from my my laptop. But great news, they now support Live Streams by default in the browser WITH CHAT! 1 other account can also join in on your instagram live stream.

I believe instagram streams are mono, but I need to do some more testing there.

I’ve had good luck streaming to Instagram with a class compliant audio interface, plugged into the camera adaptor (Analog Heat, L12, NI Komplete Audio 6) — Keep in mind that instagram (and most non-audio focused apps) will only see channel’s 1 and 2 (L/R) of your audio interface and instagram is likely summing them to mono.

I’m kinda sticking to readily available/consumer tools with a low amount of setup, since my 2015 MacBook Pro can’t handle OBS, my idea is to stream with my phone. But if you want to go hard and recompile some kernels, please go on :slight_smile:

Instagram has a bit of a built in audience, and i find i get more people checking out my streams there, than anywhere else; but facebook :(.

YouTube and Twitch [EDIT, added…]
Great platforms, good audio quality, but my audience isn’t there.

Other drone thoughts
please steal these ideas if they pique your interest

  • I think i’m going to play with “internet feedback”, watch my own stream from another laptop, take that audio, and mix it back into my stream audio, should be a good 5 to 10 second delay (on instagram)

  • was also considering remixing and restreaming someone else’s stream live, but i wouldn’t want to do it at the expense of the original artists viewers. so it would need to be a collab.

  • also thinking of a 12 Hours of Drone, one hour based around each semitone, 24 hours if you want to get into 24-TET

Anyways, curious to compile more ideas here, what you got?


In my experience its really easy to setup your own icecast server on a vps and stream via it really high quality audio. All free/libre open source software that can be played in a browser by thousands. I think I should write a how to guide.

EDIT: so I got inspired, and perhaps this comes handy to someone:

howto setup your own Icecast server, quite quickly:


Planning to do some all-day (tech permitting!) droning on Twitch for this, starting in the morning Pacific Time. :smiley:


I’ll be doing some drone day droning on twitch as well! I play first at 6:30pm (cst)


a series I co-direct is doing a 6 hour stream starting at 6pm PST and going until midnight.

stream will be here and is not social media dependant.


all day! What a madman. If you need a break, let me know. :smiley:

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To be fair my neighbors are the most likely to need a break :wink:


I’m doing a live stream at 11pm MDT for a local experimental organization’s all day stream.

My channel is… https://twitch.tv/kburwash

Also have a pre-recorded track as part of a regional 24 hr stream here… https://facebook.com/events/s/droners-in-a-dangerous-time/1682046391934375/?ti=as


I’ve just decided to do it just now, but I’ll definitely be streaming an extended… something, which I’m hoping to make into some sort of remote collaborative drone collage situation. Anyone interested in participating, hit me up…

I won’t be streaming, my droning will take place when it starts and end when it’s over.

No goal but to make a sound… and follow it, until it returns to its source.



Thanks to @forrest for the cool flyer, nicking that for the event pic, if you don’t mind.

Gonna do a thing. All are welcome.

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I don’t mind if you use it but give credit? Also you used without asking, rude, wishing I could remove my “like” now.

Edit: Yeah actually this really pisses me off @onewayness… As an artist you should know better but it’s obvious you didn’t care and would rather ask forgiveness than permission.


dr(((((o)))))ne is upon us, allow your ears to be filled.

on and off all day long 〜