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Latest Release

The birds are named Joe, Beth, and Alex:

Dead simple controls:
by @tyleretters && @license && the lines community

;install https://github.com/northern-information/dronecaster

Community Project
Help us write SynthDefs that take two parameters - hz and amp and makes a drone! Well, technically they aren’t SynthDefs, but they look and act just like them. To contribute, simply drop a similarly formatted function in the /engine/drones directory. Then, Engine_Dronecaster.sc dynamically scans the directory via OSC (!) and loads our “DroneDefs”. Here’s the acceptance criteria. We want to keep it simple:

  • I expect the drones to be synthesized with Supercollider.
  • I expect no audio (.wav, etc.) samples to be used.
  • I expect the DroneDef to follow the formatting pattern established with other files in /engine/drones.
  • I expect the DroneDef to accept an amp and a hz parameter.
  • I expect the hz parameter to inform the note the drone plays, but chordal smears, subtle (and not-so-subtle) detune-ages, deep LFOs, and other sonic mutilations are very welcome.
  • A drone may be of original inspiration or picked from the artisanal drone menu below.

Artisanal Drone Menu

Status Drone Description Author
:new: Fieldsteel /*Inimitable, boundless, knowledge. @tenenmatt
:white_check_mark: Apparatus Drone simulating old sinusoidal generators. @klinik
:white_check_mark: Belong Thick, enveloping, shimmering. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Coil Traversing the tunnels of goats. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Dreamcrusher Chaotic, strobey, actually really nice IRL. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Drumm Sometimes gentle, the other time intense. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Éliane Feedback, slow beatings, highs and lows. @sixolet
:white_check_mark: Eno Bandpassed, understated, airporty. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Gristle Primal sawtooth. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Grove There is no conductor. @sixolet
:white_check_mark: Hecker Noisey, imaginary country, suspended animation. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Magicicada Unsettling, organic, chaotic. @sixolet
:white_check_mark: Malone Thick, organ, stepped. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Mika Hum and beeps. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Mt. Lion Roars through a twisting canyon. @license
:white_check_mark: Mt. Zion Thee rusted satellites gather + sing. @license
:white_check_mark: Nautilus Dusty waves, chaotic undercurrent. @Taubaland
:white_check_mark: Rehberg Dense, distorted, overwhelming. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Ruins A reality darker than fiction. @rplktr
:white_check_mark: Sachiko High-tone space-cutting. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: SUNN O))) £XX,XXX worth of structural damage to the venue. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Shields Bendy, bloody, loud. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Sine The TestSine. Old faithful. @tyleretters
:white_check_mark: Square Big sister, opinionated on her pulsewidth, but reasonable. @Taubaland
:white_check_mark: Starlids Symphonic, meek, radiant. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Supersaw It slices, it dices. @cfd90
:white_check_mark: Thx Recreating the THX deep note. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Takita Rhythmic. @sixolet
:white_check_mark: Toshiya Object-bound resonate space. @infinitedigits
:white_check_mark: Triangle Little brother to Sine. @Taubaland
:white_check_mark: Twin Peaks Retro stylings, timeless horror. @21echoes
:white_check_mark: UNEABLIN Uneasy ablative inspection. @zebra
:white_check_mark: UNMEMQUA Un-memorious quantum. @zebra
:white_check_mark: UNREANTH Unreachable anthem. @zebra
:white_check_mark: UNRELACC Unreliable accretion. @zebra
:white_check_mark: UNWEALNE Un-battered in mind? @zebra


Status Drone Description
:honeybee: AFX Red Face Monkey
:honeybee: Canada Scientific, detuned, dignified.
:honeybee: Conrad Moving while standing still, violin, smooth but harsh.
:honeybee: GY!BE The car is on fire.
:honeybee: LaMonte Inharmonic static-tone combination.
:honeybee: Schmickler Barberpole💈.
:honeybee: V/Vm Compressed sausages of embalmed rave.
:honeybee: Wanda Hazy, paul stretched, fading and abrupt.
:question: Others…



Twenty characters of :black_heart:


I have the faulty schematic of a ruined machine tattooed on my ribcage… :sweat_smile:


I like your drone menu :slight_smile:


Thanks! Who are we missing?

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How about:

LaMonte - inharmonic static tone combination
Sachiko - high tone space-cutting
Toshiya - object-bound resonate space


Hahaha these are great! Added.

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(Would also like to get some LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists on the artisanal menu, too.)


dreamcrusher: chaotic, strobey, actually really nice irl


Will this be from 0 to 1?

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exactly 20 precisely

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hz is 0 - 20,0000 - a fun built in hearing test!


Added. I haven’t listened to these folks much. Sounds great.

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their most recent full length Another Country is some of their best work imo! Highly rec’d if you’re okay with a little noise :slight_smile:

anyway sorry to derail your thread, excited to play with this soon!


I will give this the good ol’ active listen. I’m really intrigued/inspired by what I’ve heard so far. Thank you so much for sharing.

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I just tried to see NEOWISE but there was too much light pollution. Got some more Dronecaster animation inspiration instead…


I just realized I had pushed some WIP code when I posted this and the app wouldn’t even launch. Sorry about that if anyone spent time trying to install and run it. It works now! I’m going to try to get another SynthDef done today…


We’ve got an v0.0.1-ALPHA ready!


v0.0.2-ALPHA - Four drones. Supersaw from @cfd90 and Mt. Lion from @license. Bug fixes.


The mad scientist @license has made a breakthrough. Our SynthDef are now decoupled from Engine_Dronecaster.sc. This is a massive QOL improvement to developers. There are no functional changes.

So now to contribute a SynthDef you simply drop a similarly formatted function in the /engine/drones directory. Then, Engine_Dronecaster.sc dynamically scans the directory via OSC (!) and loads the “DroneDefs”. And if that wasn’t enough, the drone names are then handed off to dronecaster.lua (via the filename) - so there is no configuration/hardcoding/coupling of new drones.

Just drop & drone. Amazing amazing work @license.


mrw seeing the PR