Forgive me for being a noob. This all looks really fascinating. How would I use this? Assume I know nothing.

you could use it as a bizarre noiz source.
feed it back into itself to record as source material for MANGL or OOOOOO or any number of noiz manipulation scripts.

or just do what i do…
turn it on loud as FRACK and make the neighbors wary of going near you domain.


I think I need you to a few steps back, sorry. I download the github rare - then what? Is there an idiots guide to getting started?

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sure! do you have a norns?

Ah, no. Is that required?

yep! or a shield which are cheaper. sorry about that.

can’t believe i missed a bracket off O)))



i can’t believe i missed it either. fixed.

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In the dronosphere, less is often more, right?


okay just discovered this!!! arggghhhh its all too much - nice work!


Idea I had for a drone someone could possibly make.

Shields - Bendy, Bloody, Loud

i’ve added it to the menu!

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drone name suggestion…

COIL - traversing the tunnels of goats



Been having fun casting some drones thru the Fort Processor


I’ve been getting noise distortion on all the drones. But just realised I needed to dial down the output in the system settings. Seems to be clean now and lovely. One for noobs I guess… or perhaps I’m wrong - cycling between the different drones gives lots of distortion

are you on the latest version of norns?

Love tapping into UNWEALNE and Twin Peaks! Does Norns have a sleep timer? :innocent:


When I first built my noise shield I was getting distortion with other sketches (Passersby especially) and it turned out to be due to inadequate power supplies. Only completely went away when I gave up trying random phone chargers etc and bought a Raspberry Pi-specific power supply

twenty characters of :battery:!!!

Okay that was the problem - I was using a charge block for phone - now using pi power supply and it totally RAD!!