And if you make a pull request, the maintainers of the script will evaluate it and even help you get it into a shape that you should be proud to share.


Hey, new norns owner here. Playing around with dronecaster and loving it but wanted to check about the record feature. When I record I get an empty/silent aiff. But I can record the drones via tape no probs. Presume that’s not normal? Any obvious things I need to check?

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The record feature records the audio inputs! The idea here is that you put the drone through a pile of pedals or other processing, patch the result back to Norns, and record that.


Ah that’s awesome - thanks for the speedy reply. :+1:


i believe you can use the built in “tape” feature to record, too!

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new drone up from first time contributor @klinik !!

Apparatus: Drone simulating old sinusoidal generators.


Thanks @tyleretters!


I’ve been heading back to this script after not using it for a long long time. Honestly, some of these new drones sound AMAZING. Thank you to everyone has contributed them!

@infinitedigits big shout out to you Zack for the Eno and Drumm drones which are 100% my favs. Like all of your scripts and these drones, I feel like you’ve done all the hard work and suddenly I can make beautiful sounding music without really having to do anything (am I cheating?, I’m not sure)


this one is magnificent, thanks @Klinik !!!

thanks for the kind words! to me, all that matters is if you feel you can make beautiful sounding music. that is the best result of any music tool. dcfxvvvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <— archiving my cat stepping on keyboard


@infinitedigits I’m really enjoying Mika, and I’d like to take the opportunity to learn from it as a synthesist. Any chance you’d be willing to share a little bit about what’s going on under the hood from a philosophical standpoint? As a matter of approach, I mean.


Hey all, been like a year since I did some coding work on adding MIDI support to dronecaster. I was asked to improve it a bit more before it got integrated, but doing crazy house renovation took all my time and energy. I will attempt to get it all properly working again so it can be properly merged into the project

Edit: nearly done, waiting to see for Tyler or Ryan to check my commits.


Thanks !! MIDI is working awesome!