Drum Room

Drum Room

MIDI-controlled drum kits for norns.

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Simple functionality with Scott Pilgrim inspired visuals. I was just after a convenient way of using norns as a drum module with an external sequencer or drum pads.

  • Use the built-in kits or create your own based on the templates in lib.
  • Each sound has tune, decay, pan and amp/overdrive parameters.
  • Global sample length, filter, drive, compressor and (very) low-fi mode.


Timber engine beta 5+
MIDI note input (eg, drum pad or sequencer)


E1 : Page

K2 : Kit
K3 : Quality
E2 : Length
E3 : Filter

Global FX:
E2 : Drive
E3 : Compression

K2 : Focus
K3 : Mute
K1+K3 : Trigger
E2/3 : Params

Note: The compression parameter is controlling the system compressor effect. If you turn it up then your settings in System>Audio won’t match what you’re really getting (the script takes over) until you manually adjust the settings in System.


Drum Room v1.1.0



Just tried this out today with a Boppad and it’s fantastic! The visuals are a real joy :smiley:

One feature request would be a parameter to change the note each sound is mapped to as tweaking on the norns would be significantly easier than remapping the pad. Actually, in looking into how to do this, I now see it’s just defined in the config for each kit!

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Yes I thought about making it settable in UI but it actually seemed like config files might be more efficient, glad you’re liking it!

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v1.0.1 is up now to support the latest updates to Timber. Also allows more precise tuning.


Looking forward to trying this out with the octatrack for drum duties on the midi side of things

this is perfect for an idea/project I’ve had for a while. added LinnDrum and a few other kits very quickly (can share once they’re tightened up). thanks so much for this!


Version 1.1 is up, requires norns 200106

  • Room screen now adjusts sample lengths with E2
  • New Global FX screen with additional drive and compressor (used to be on Room screen).
  • Small tweaks and fixes.