Drumkid - aleatoric drum sequencer

Couldn’t find a thread on this so thought I’d start one.

Mine arrived yesterday. It’s rather good. Haven’t done much with the internal lo-fi sound generator yet because I really wanted to hook it up to my Nord Drum. Apart from needing to remap the note allocation it feels like they will be a perfect pair.


Little test using TouchOsc as a quick n dirty mute switch control for the ND2. You can get a similar effect using the Drop parameter on DrumKid which biases the voice selection but this is more deterministic. Useful way to thin things out while keeping the range of pattern variation.


Big firmware update just dropped. Details clipped from a post at MW

Okay, I’ve just updated DrumKid’s firmware (V1.1). Here are the main changes/fixes:

  • MIDI output note and channel can now be changed for each drum (see manual for details)
  • All parameters now respond to MIDI CC messages (CC numbers 16 to 31)
  • Drone now responds to MIDI note information (only over one repeated octave for now)
  • Better handling of button presses, i.e. saving a beat no longer puts you into param group C for no reason!
  • Tempo doesn’t change if you load a beat while another beat is playing
  • Tap tempo more stable
  • Much bigger range of time signatures now available - from 1 to 13 beats per bar, plus a bonus “random time signature” setting
  • The “drop” control is now reversed (kick on left, hat on right), and is now silent when turned fully left OR right
  • New reset function (reload default beat)
  • New “random beat” function (randomises all parameters)
  • BPM range vastly increased (goes up to stupid BPM values to create a sort of pseudo-oscillator effect)
  • Updated manual

New manual is here https://github.com/mattybrad/drumkid/blob/master/manual.pdf

Includes detailed instructions of how to do the update which worked fine here. Will give it a proper work out later today


New firmware working fine with TouchOsc as a controller.


And some nice new knobs make everything even better. (6mm shaft fyi)

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Absolutely love how the patterns change via dial turns. Would love to try this as a midi controller for other drum machines.

It’s certainly way more interesting and varied than the more common Euclidian based approaches. And when you do find a groove that you like, even without further tweaking it still continues to “improvise” around the core pattern. It’s pretty much my ideal for this kind of thing.

A little laid back jam with the Nord Drum…


Well damn that’s just lovely. I need to get one of these.

Are you the creator of the Drumkid or just a very happy and good user?

I’m just a very happy user :slight_smile:


I love this little thing. Have just plugged it into my ancient Roland R8M; Drumkid breathes new life into it.


Lo-fi audio of Drumkid going h.a.m. on an old DR-770. Proteus 2k bassline, Pro/cussion percussion.

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First test of Drum kid into Shuttle Control. The latest firmware has an option for generating variable level triggers scaled to note velocity. Disting EX sample player likes variable level triggers

just bought the kit from Thonk the other day. Easy/quick to build and a very pleasant little machine.