DSP Book recommendations


THANK YOU for the tip on the humble bundle - fantastic collection!


went to the library

s/o to @disquiet


Definitely would recommend Will Pirkle’s books if you’re a beginner; easily digestible and will get you rolling DSP code in C/C++ pretty quickly. However, it doesn’t go in depth as others have mentioned.

Also check out PortAudio API; it will help you prototype audio code there without having to program a hefty UI. Have fun!!


That made me happy. Thanks. Now they need the Spanish translation. :slight_smile:


I’m about 0% an aphex twin fan so it’ll be an interesting read


I just finished this last week and I wasn’t really across the album at all remembering vaguely listening to it some years ago. Its a great read. Get a copy of the album and listen to it as you go - very enjoyable. And congrats @disquiet


What is the red book “Live Electronic…”?

(Can vouch for @disquiet’s Aphex book! I don’t think you need to be a fan to enjoy it.)


I think Selected Ambient Works Volume II (the album) is the album for people who otherwise aren’t necessarily huge into his work. But your mileage may vary.


I picked up the Humble Bundle computer music package from MIT press (sale is over :frowning: ). A notable title is The Audio Programming Book edited by Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini. It’s from 2011 and includes a 4GB DVD of supplements. The table of contents lean towards C and C++ targeted to the Csound community, I assume because Boulanger wrote The Csound Book.

So any hot takes? The table of contents is an interesting read. The DVD supplements look extensive. I feel like I trust academic computer musicians to teach pragmatic C the best. Like, “if they can do it, so I can I” sort of thing. But I’m a little concerned I might be moving towards a black hole that will absorb time without consequence.


There was a thread about this bundle
And that book in particular
I think it’s good but with some sections that are less relevant


Oddly, a keyword search for “humble bundle” returned zero results :frowning: sorry for the noise. It appears this is the thread. Reading the scrollback while doing a little spreadsheet on the contents…there are a lot.

There’s a torrent file for the DVD from the bundle. It’s ~ 4GB.


I get the impression that I missed something… Did Richard D. James write a DSP book?


the photo this is in reference to includes @disquiet’s book about Selected Ambient Works Volume II


33 1/3 is a “words about music” book series. Haven’t read any of them. Could be cool.


pffhhaa, the thread got renamed. also i was on a phone. phone phfail


I made a spreadsheet of the titles in the computer music Humble Bundle. Columns include

  • title
  • year
  • number of pages
  • my notes
  • category
  • does the download include a supplement


Seems like Contemporary Music Review Journal, volume 6:1 “Live Electronics”


Thanks! (that’s what I get for only reading a couple of the titles in that photo)