Dual 4-Bit Shift Register Euro Thing

Here is a project I whipped up and it just kinda kept growing.

Based on the Castle Rocktronics Dual Shift Register
I have been fascinated with Paper Circuit style designs from ciat-lonbarde as of late and it has been reflecting in my projects.

I brought my design into Inkscape and worked out where I wanted everything for my silkscreen.

Then into KiCAD and layed out all of the components.

Then I got bored and it evolved.


Let me know what you all think!


It’s a good idea, and nicely laid out as always.
However, if you want it to work correctly in eurorack then you’ll need the clock and data lines fed from a transistor as a switch, and the outputs connected to transistor buffers, especially if driving leds from the output as well.
The 4015 is particular about its inputs - it needs signals close to the power rails, and doesn’t have that much driving current on the outputs.


@crucFX just want to say I love the lunetta energy of your posts. I’m a long time electro-music regular/lurker in the lunetta forum, and love to see here references to Castlerocktronics etc. Gave me a pleasant warm wave of nostalgia to my first lunetta stripboard modular system. Kudos.


Oh this is totally Not for “Eurorack” per se.
I am working on a whole series of stuff that should work together :slight_smile:
Lunetta Style as Dianus mentioned :smiley:

Otherwise - definitely something I will start looking into - would make a great version 2 :smiley: :smiley:

I appreciate the suggestion!!!

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Got it built up today!

Works splendidly!! :smiley:

I cannot express how happy I am that you’re using bananas.


looks sooo mint awesome job

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