Dual Probabilistic Clock Divider

Dual Probabilistic Clock Divider


This is a script for Crow which allows switching between two clock divider divisions for all of the outputs, as well as setting the probability that the output gates will occur.

On each input clock, a chance operation is performed that determines if the output gates will happen or not. The slider determines the probability.

So the underlying mechanism is a clock divider, however the result is not a clock divider, it is randomly occuring gates that happen in time at that clock division!

This is all for now, just something I wanted and saw the path to achieve with Crow. Does this remind you of something else? I’d love to know.


Crow, clock input, bipolar offset for 2nd input


See the code? :-o

The clock divisions are hard-coded.



This looks fun and useful, what happens when no voltage is present at input 2?

Yay cool to hear!

That is a good q, right now voltage near 0 means 0% probability and so it will stop sending gates entirely.

That said, this isn’t explicit so it’s more likely to be around 1% and still pass some events through.

I could see it really “snapping” into 0% when the input is near 0. Or maybe something else would be interesting…