Dub filters

seems these days it’s kinda hard to find standalone desktop units like this:

or this:

though i could personally do without all the lfo / envelope follower biz.

my ideal specs:
-sweepable between low/hi filtering, with center giving you a clean signal.
-small desktop unit, comfortable next to a mixer
-stereo in/out
-BIG knob

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these ones are getting a lot of attention lately here in the uk:


ha! thought of posting it, but it’s mono, and relatively hard to find [i think tom still does batches of them periodically, and they do come up second hand fairly often]. great filter though, i’ve got one.

restyler is definitely an overkill, but what a great filter on drums. i have machinedrum semi permanently running through one. you can twist a simple track in so many ways with the env followers.


See if you can find an Electrix EQ Killer on Craigslist or somewhere. They’re great for these types of things and relatively inexpensive on the used market.

I still see these come up used all the time. Mono, but meets your other specs.


Oto machines BIM… Lush and alive. Pricey though.

The cross-over filter is amazing.

For dub, Tom’s PT Delay, even more so!


Stumbled onto these the other day. No stand alone filter, but could still be cool.

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ah the bugbrand is something i haven’t seen yet. it’s mono though… not that i have anything against mono - just looking for something that could also be used in a dj environment.

the electrix stuff is on the mark, but those are surprisingly difficult to find, and i’m not crazy about the build quality.

after posting i realized that perhaps the closest thing to all my specs, readily available, and at a reasonable price is the allen & heath xone 23

though the isolator/crossover style layout is certainly more versatile.

another (hacky) approach would be two doepfer a-106-5 SEM filters with a diy expander to control both modules from one set of knobs.

What about the build quality bothers? I have one sitting here on my desk right now and it’s one of the most solid pieces of gear I’ve seen recently. The chassis is solid extruded aluminum and it’s all solid panel-mounted pots.

Maybe they were more popular in Canada than elsewhere, I see them show up on Craigslist all the time.

oh cool! i was going off of various reviews, no personal experience. good to know!

was going to suggest a small modular set up but it can get expensive fast. but then you could do more interesting things too, like using a joystick instead of a knob and having it control multiple parameters so you could increase feedback while turning down the cutoff etc.

actually, something like korg kaosspad should work as well if you don’t mind digital?

yeah i’m looking for the special qualities one gets from analog. specifically the juicy king tubby hi-pass magic:


The electro harmonix memory man with hazarai has a low pass to high pass one knob filter, true stereo, and has half a dozen different delays and a looper to boot. Couldn’t be more dub. Cons: filter only affects delayed sound, so you could set the delay time to zero and blend to 100% wet and just enjoy the one knob filter, but no filtering of both dry and delayed signals at once. No resonance control, but the sweep sounds pretty natural. Digital, not analog, but because it’s digital you get tap tempo and a load of fun features with different settings, reverse echo, ring modulator, etc. Plus, it’s only like £150?

interesting looking isolator here: