//// duets : lcrp.2018.equinox.2 ////

I’d love to hear about the process each of you went through to create these songs!

EDIT: To find a partner, add your name to this spreadsheet:

For folks new to the forum, the equinox is a time we usually choose as a deadline for the Lines Community Remix Project (LCRP). The way the concept usually works, is we give folks half the time between solstice and equinox to gather samples by a deadline. The samples are distributed to all participants, and the rest of the time is devoted to creating tracks using only those samples.

I want to ask everyone if you’d like to try a slightly different approach this time, in the interest of cultivating community.

This time, instead of spending the first few weeks gathering samples, I’d like to propose that instead, we spend the first month finding a collaborator. We might change this idea in the future to expand to trios, quartets, or quintets, but this time, I want to suggest we try a duet. Find one person you’d like to collaborate with for the LCRP whose deadline is the second equinox of 2018.

You and your partner will agree on some method for determining who goes first (flip a coin, consult the tea leaves, whatever works for your mojo) and then the first person will send the other person… something. You’ll want to talk to each other first about what makes the most sense. It could be anything. A poem. A script. A pile of samples. Some stems. An old track. A new track. A painting. A photograph. It’s just a conversation starter.

The receiver will answer this gift with another. In the spirit of improvisation, the goal is to respond with “yes, and…” taking the contribution and altering it in some way before sending it back. Perhaps you’ll transform it with effects. Perhaps you’ll add another instrument. You’ll do the thing that needs to be done in that moment.

You can also pass. Nothing further to add or change right now. Eventually you’ll both pass, and the track is complete.

The intent of this idea is to continue the “remix” concept, but in a different context, one that I hope will encourage even deeper connections than we’ve found through LCRP collaborations past. As a suggestion, you might seek out a partner that you’ve never interacted with directly in the past. This is not a requirement, but it would be in keeping with the spirit of cultivating community.

What do you think? Should we give it a try? Can you think of anything that would make the concept work even better?


This sounds excellent, I’m definitely excited for a collaboration with someone. Collaboration was on my goals list at the beginning of the year & something I’ve not got to yet.

Fellow posters/lurkers, please check out what I make at:

if you’d like to work with me on this, drop me a pm & we can chat :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a good idea! But it might be simpler to get a list of people who want to participate and then maybe randomly assign partners? At least, for those of us who are new here and don’t know who to approach…


Ooooh I wanna play :heart_eyes: Love this idea.


I was thinking that old LCRPs could be a guide to picking folks out, but I’m not opposed to the random idea. What do other folks think?

Use this as an opportunity to practice breaking the ice? Or lower that barrier to entry and use some dice?

You’re likely to get a different result with each approach. One encourages finding affinities, the other encourages serendipity.

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me and @dude are in with twenty characters


oh wow, turning Lines into little The Postal Services sounds excellent!!


Haha…I totally thought of this band when I read the concept! Great minds and all that…

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couldn’t have said it bbbetter

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Count me in, sounds like this will be fun and a different sort of challenge from the normal LCRPs.


cool :slight_smile:
me and @quixot gonna collaborate on a track for this lcrp

thanks @jasonw22 for organizing this one!


@alanza and I are gonna make a track together. :tada:


Please count me in! If there’s someone out there looking for a tradesies partner, send me a line!

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I’m in as well. PM me ifyou’re looking for a collaborator.

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@joshuaandrew & I are now collaborating on this :slightly_smiling_face:

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that’s a great idea. i have no time right now to think about it but i’m in if someone wants to work with me. (better start soon-ish, i’m slow with emails ^^’)


Jason, I was hoping on something like this happening, great idea!

I am in, so if anybody cares to do something with me… let me know? I am open for anything/anybody…


I do think a list and randomly choosing people would be easier. Now, there’s only 17 answers on this post and it already gets complicated with people who are picked.


I made a spreadsheet:

if folks are still not matched up on July 21, I’ll throw a random number generator at it and match folks up.

Anybody can edit the spreadsheet. I’ll add the link to the top post as well.


I’m in for doing this as well. I don’t have a partner in mind and am really open to anything.

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