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This week kicked my ass!

But I am on the LCRP job this morning. Stay tuned.


I wish your ass (and all that’s attached to it) a speedy recovery.


I’m putting each pair of artist credits in alphanumeric order, just so ya know.


17 tracks clock in at one hour and 21 minutes. Kunaki’s limit is 7 minutes shorter. I guess it’s another double CD!


Go team!

Super happy.:crazy_face:


I’d love to hear about the process each of you went through to create these songs!


Amazing! Love the artwork @Angela and @jasonw22


WOO HOO! Downloading!
Can’t wait to listen to what everyone came up with.


Great! Thanks for pulling it together @jasonw22!

Here’s the very short version of the process that @papernoise and I followed. He might like to expand on it.

  1. Create a common pool of source sounds, made or recorded separately (agreed keys and tempo)

  2. Take it turns to write one complete layer/part of a track using only the above sources, each layer agreed beforehand (e.g. harmony, percussion, bass, etc.)

I found the second part a really fun challenge - only adding, no rearranging or taking away from the previous layers. It’s like that “yes, and…” idea in theatre improv. In general I found this really helpful for just getting things done - I work on a laptop and it’s too tempting to constantly tweak and rearrange structures. I’ve done remote collaboration where we share either small blocks of sound or lengthy jams, with the intention of chopping them, looping them, etc. later and it can take forever for no great gains. We did make one small change to the structure when we had about 8 layers.


Doh! Just caught a typo in “weathercaster” on the back cover. Will fix.


The process for myself and @ermina was quite fluid and came about naturally. We spent a few emails chatting about influences and thoughts on process before deciding to go with “let’s see what happens.”

All we initially agreed was that we’d send each other some sounds. @ermina sent me some really interesting field recordings he’d done with contact mics and I sent him a bunch of sounds I’d been making using software I had on my old iBook - mainly Cloud Generator, Thonk and Soundhack.

Next, we both used mainly offline processes on the sounds to come up with a load of variations and shared those. I used programs like Spear and Metasynth. I think @ermina used Csound and possibly some others - I’m sure he’ll add some detail here.

Then we began building things together in what @ermina later described as something akin to Kubrick’s “non-submersible units” process.

We took all the sounds and variations we’d shared and started working on building what I called “assemblies” - blocks of sounds mixed/spliced/overlapped together that almost became mini compositions in their own right. By the end of this, I had a minute of sound that we thought would work well at the start of the track and another minute that seemed to be a natural end. @ermina assembled a great section for the middle of the track joining my two parts together.

We’d both decided a short intro was needed and that’s where the fun started. I think it must have taken 4 or more hours of work between us to get that first 10s of the track! Hence its title.

It was a really fun project to be involved in. Thanks to @jasonw22 for the great idea and to @ermina for being such a talented person to work with.


fantastic! :slight_smile:
nice work @jasonw22, and @Angela

'underground process talk…
working with such an amazing artist, it was easy on my end
beepbox /audacity /voice memo app vocals…
back and forth via email a few times
everything I sent came back super cool,
and @quixot added awesome new sounds,
including incredible vocals!

so fun, thank you!


Ouch. Just noticed I fat fingered the silence truncation at the beginning of @abalone and @quixot’s track. Will fix that too.

EDIT: oh phew, got home and realized there’s no problem with the track, but was just a momentary glitch with the bandcamp app on my phone while I was driving.


Got the typo fixed and then shipped out the first 3 physical CDs. If anybody catches any other bugs, please do let me know as soon as possible!


And another great album, I enjoy(ed) it very much.
I’ve got 2 favorite songs(nah, no names), but those songs sound like live-improvisation instead of songs.
Thanks to Jason, Angela and everybody involved!
And of course… thank you Matt for doing this with me


Thank you @jasonw22!

Btw what happens to the money from bandcamp? Just curious.


I don’t think there is money, or maybe just enough to cover the costs. And if there is money, I hope Jason has a nice cold beer from it.


Or two!!

I guess you are right… Just had the thought that it would be nice if there’s some money coming out of this project that could be donated. Maybe a naive thought while having my first coffee of the day :blush:


The money from CD sales covers the cost of manufacturing and shipping the CDs.

I did have a nice cold beer this weekend!


I’d love to hear more process stories if anyone’s inclined!