//// duets : lcrp.2018.equinox.2 ////


@ioflow teaming up like spidey and the human torch.


Yes please.
random is good, though starting before July 21 would be nice.


I’d like to collaborate with someone, if someone would like to work with a visual artist (probably drawings). Thanks : )

Edit: Paired up with @geh2oman !!!


Can’t help but gush on how many awesome pairings are already lining up. I am genuinely so excited.


If you want to get a jump on things, I definitely recommend reaching out to someone to team up with. 9 folks on the spreadsheet looking for partners, at the moment…


Myself and @ermina are going to team up on a track :slight_smile:


That sounds like fun! Would love to participate! Hit me up for collaboration!


Go on then. Count me in. I’m away on holiday until 4th July. so i may not get msgs. If anyone else works in Ableton Live could be handy swapping project files on this one.


@steveoath and I have agreed to team up for this one.


I’m paired up with @reijo

excellent idea @jasonw22


Some of you might have started already.

I guess I should say too, that a “volley” (in Photoshop Layer Tennis terms) can be a complete whiff. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. But feedback is always good.

Also totally valid to take only inspiration from a volley. Just because someone sends you a file, you aren’t obligated to use it, or to use all of it.

The main thing is the communication/collaboration.

Layer Tennis is probably a reference that ages me.

It was a pretty big deal a decade ago…

I’m taking a little inspiration from it, but we’re really doing something completely different here.


I’m in. Happy to be selected in person or by random.

Great idea, looking forward to it.


I am interested in doing something and collaborating. I will mostly be acoustic sampling for my side although I can do quite a bit digitally, would love to work with melodic things.


The last season of Layer Tennis was just 4 years ago, so I don’t think it ages you all that much :wink:


Yeah, I sorta stopped paying attention after the first season.


I’d like to be in! No pair as of yet!


I’m interested! If anyone is looking for a partner


I am matched up with itsowindy. Cool.


I’d love to be involved in this. Happy to be paired randomly - or to try and find a specific partner


I’ve added my name to the list. If you make music, I like to make beats and I like ambient stuff and I like field recordings. I live in New Zealand if maybe someone somewhere else wanted to exchange local recordings or something and had a scheme…