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@Plym and I are teaming up for this one! :sparkles:


Really excited to get in on this!

Just added my name. Not sure how assignment / pairing is being done. Would it help to add two columns (one for each name in a row) to describe musical style, approach, or link to soundcloud/bandcamp/homepage?

I’m happy to be randomly ‘assigned’ or to find some common points of interest the old fashioned way.

Here’s my soundcloud, for now:

usually land somewhere in the spectrum between minimalism and techno; ambient and what used to be called IDM (I do not endorse that label).


If there’s someone you’d like to work with, I recommend contacting them and more than likely, you’ll be on your way!

For the shy folks that haven’t found a partner by July 21, I will work some random mojo and pair the remaining folks up with each other.

Feel free to post that info to this thread. That way you can say as much or as little as you like. If there’s someone on the list (or not on the list yet!) that you are curious about, try a search for their username. Almost all of us have posted music or links to the forum at one time or another.


Gotcha–thanks Jason!

I’ll take a look through the ‘open’ slots and see if I can partner myself up with a simpatico musician :wink:


I’m not sure. I’m obviously interested, but I’m kinda messy with leisure deadlines and I wouldn’t want to throw someone else into my mess. :confused:


Maybe somebody has a compatibly messy approach, you never know!


Hey @jwhiles – I’ve paired us up! Really like your stuff, we both seem to use Ableton (sometimes), I think it could be a good match.

If you’re not into it, no problem–please put me back in column A unmatched :wink:



Love this idea, I’m in. A friend of mine is a member here but I actually don’t know their username… I put myself on the list with a placeholder for them, will update ASAP.


quite sounds, minimal approach and no pressure to achieve something…


Yes definitely! I’ll send you a message and we can start some stuff :slight_smile:


Looks like I’ll be teaming up with @fjna.


i’m very much up for for un-lurking and giving this a go. will put myself on the list :slight_smile:

would be happy to collaborate with someone in an audio or visual way. drawings, Ableton and suches.


i’m in with @giftculture , looking forward to this format… a looooong time ago i remember doing some similar futzing on the skinny puppy ftp server, although that was fairly chaotic


I’m new here, but I would love to do this. I make electronic classicalish music and I’m stuck in a rut


Count me in!!!


I’d like to take part, I’m located in ho chi minh and use an organelle and ableton live to make electronic music. Love me some sample processing. I’d be interested in a project that meant using other mediums too though. Photography or character dialogue writing maybe…
Let me know if anyone wants to collab, or just drop my name into the hat!


What a great idea, I’m in! Here’s my Bandcamp:

I tend towards the noisy end of the spectrum, though I have been drawn towards ambient territory in recent years (and if someone wanted to encourage that side of me for this project I wouldn’t complain…). Some evidence of that exists in my Disquiet Junto submissions:



Also interested to join in this one :slight_smile: just added my name to the spreadsheet… a grab-bag of my recent stuff is up at https://soundcloud.com/auxels


i’ve just stumbled upon this in my weekly lines digest. awesome idea. i love it. will put myself on the list right now but will want to warn as well (as happened above by someone else), that because of other commitments, my collaboration might not be the most straight forward one but i’ll give my best and am generally reliable. just saying not to disappoint some aspiring minds.
also happy to collaborate with someone who’s not necessarily providing musical material…i’m open to any kind of adventure.

i usually fare under the moniker ¶radio hummingbird and can be fond here if that’s of interest (i suppose it would be):

sonic landscapes made from modular, tape stuff, field recordings, sounds of objects, you guessed it.


@papernoise and I are going to pair up. :+1: