//// duets : lcrp.2018.equinox.2 ////


I was away for a while on family business and look what happened! Just added my name in the virtual hat.


I’ve thrown my name in the hat as well. I’m moderately intimidated by the prospect of working with some of the really brilliant people on the forum, but I think it’ll be super fun!

…and I think this whole thing is a fantastic idea for a project!


going to partner with @dnealelo


put my name down, eager for working on something with someone!

to hear my sound world:

recorded music (collaborative):

radio/dj mix: https://soundcloud.com/floatabort/lylradio231117


Hey! @jwudel and I will be working together on something for this.


Is this still happening?


It is! But I have forgotten to match up the unmatched folks. Apologies. I’ll do that today.


Oops! So-called real life got in the way yesterday, but just now I’ve paired everyone up:

person other person
hightowersdeepwells joshuaandrew
mateo lumena
quixot abalone
jasonw22 alanza
murray dude
GoneCaving steveoath
geh2oman Angela
kirklandish dnealelo
ermina sandy
emenel fjna
saintcloud ioflow
reijo _mark
Autogeneric itssowindy
mxpt dewb
kbit grs
josker swhic
jwhiles healthylives
Olivier Plym
koam rknLA
giftculture mirth
Hasenpfeffer midilifestyle
Wannop damon
¶radio hummingbird nattog
papernoise jet
TangoWhiskeyman cfd90
jlmitch5 jwudel


I would be so amazed and delighted if we got 26 tracks out of this project! How is everybody doing?


Apologies to Emenel… I am really lazy! But I get started today


@fjna I was about to post the same thing!! lol. I thought I was supposed to get us started and was way behind.


@papernoise and I have a plan/approach at least! I’d better get back in touch :slight_smile:


@ermina and I have been emailing and exchanged source sounds. Now to do something with them!


@geh2oman has given me some good starting material…and I’ve been getting my studio ready (some of that real life that’s gotten in the way). BUT I expect to be in there working by this Sunday.


I’ve had some material from itsowindy, made a start, ripped that up and started again, and should have something to send back today. So, progress is being made!


@jwhiles and I are a few rounds in.


just seeing the pairings now.

@koam ahoy


@kirklandish and I have been brainstorming ideas; got some juicy ones, I think.


@mirth and I have started passing things back and forth now that we seem to have gotten Splice working better with our ableton set.

Question - when is the due date? @mirth is doing some traveling, and so we are pondering how to schedule around that


The equinox is Saturday September 22nd.