//// duets : lcrp.2018.equinox.2 ////


lol, I suppose I could have googled that myself :wink:

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


we are off to good start (i hope) working away on files sent. had deep session today. more to follow. was there a date for release we were shooting for (like calendar date i mean)?

oh duh you said spt 22nd


this might should be another thread… but how are you liking/using splice? i had forgotten to look into that and of course am now reminded.



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Yes it’s another thread. Feel free to open a “Splice” thread btw!


naww I wish I had seen this earlier - would love to participate if it happens again!


Find a partner and jump in! We do some form of this every equinox and solstice. It’s a little different each time.


I’m up for it if you want :slight_smile:


ok so I got @dansimco’s dm ~2h before your post, so I will team up with them for this one, but maybe we can collaborate next time?

many thanks, and good luck - I hope you find someone in time!

Ableton Splice

no worries :slight_smile: Enjoy the collab!

So that means I’m available if someone else want to collab with me!




I just had an idea for another time: how would folks feel about doing their collaboration in public?

The idea I had was to create a tag or category for LCRP, and then each collab creates a thread wherein their files are traded back and forth and discussed. Pretty much exactly what we’re all doing right now in PMs.

It just occurred to me that the things we’re saying to each other might be educational and enlightening for the others.

On the other hand, there’s some safety in the privacy. Holding it close to your chest until its ready might help some folks feel more comfortable taking a risk to see where it goes.

So, it’s an idea. Is it a good one?


Could be a good idea, definitely possible with the community we have.

I think to work we would want to avoid external feedback, and each thread should only have the duet talking.

Something else that could be nice would be to keep it private but at the end share the process, communication and files (as little or as much as we feel comfortable with).


I’m up for making ours public if you’d like!


I think it would need a bit different thread organization for it to be effective. If we all just piled onto this thread it’d be a mess. So I think a category or tag would help.


We are liking it - there were some hiccups involved since I was on live 10 Suite and @mirth didn’t have Suite yet , so the DRM of some of the sample libraries that come with Suite got in the way (there were parts I would have to freeze and or flatten). Once he upgraded to Suite, it has been pretty smooth sailing.

We plan on using Splice extensively to collaborate on further music - it is nice to have a version uploaded for every save you make (which you can tag with a comment) - I think it really encourages experimentation since you can always fall back to a previous version if you took a wrong turn somewhere!


oh haha, sorry to pollute this thread - @dude, did you open another thread? If so feel free to move my comment there and we can continue the discussion there!


@jasonw22, what’s the best way to get our collaboration to you? We’re wrapping it up soon and I would like to provide both a mastered and unmastered version…


Send me a PM with a link to the file. I’m fond of Google drive but you can use whatever you feel comfortable with.


i never did open a thread nor have i tried splice. i would love to be using it for collab!!