//// duets : lcrp.2018.equinox.2 ////


so cool :slight_smile:
me and @quixot got an awesome track together via email
great to work with such an amazing artist! thank you @quixot
and thanks @jasonw22 for organizing, this was fun


I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s collaborations!


me and Mateo have almost a finished track - sure to be done by end of week.
All is fun and much learning is occurring.

double on the the thanks to @jasonw22 for setting the dates so we can drive toward the deadline.

oblique reference.


I just made a thread for Splice over here: Ableton Splice

I love the idea of reading how everyone’s processes evolved once everyone is done!


I just happened to have listened to the Sound + Process podcast on a previous LCRP. It was great! What a great podcast, btw! But, it was fun to listen to everyone discuss their process and reflect on the community here. I used to be on these forums a lot more back in the day and I always enjoyed the MCRPs. I agree that this online community is particularly special. Looking forward to hearing everyones tracks! I’ll be sure to jump on to the next one. Cheers!


Some folks need some more time (myself included!) So let’s use the rest of the weekend for those finishing touches.


I’m pondering album art tonight. Gimme your stream of consciousness?

A spark:


i like the duality represented but i’m not feeling obviousness or maybe deliberateness of space/cosmos.

is that a real space image or a spacelike thing?


It’s concept art of an x-ray binary star created by a NASA artist.

Just meant to be a conversation starter, inspiration for a stream of conciousness. A riff on twoness, duality, pairs, binaries…

What’s the next image that comes to mind?


stars on earth :dolphin:


reminds me of mathematical duality, which sometimes gives you pretty pictures


We’ve just submitted our track. Thanks @reijo for the collaboration - love what we ended up with.

And thanks @jasonw22 for the idea.


@jasonw22 - Just sent you a link to the track by @ermina and myself.

Thanks for organising once again.


@jasonw22@Plym and I are putting the final touches on our piece today, but the time difference between the two of us is gonna make final approval on both sides a little tricky. Is it ok if we submit tomorrow in the morning (EST)?


@steveoath and I have submitted our track.


My policy on lateness is “try to communicate, and try not to abuse it”.

We’re not in an emergency room or anything here, so I’m not very strict. But on the other hand, I do kinda have to call it done at some point so I can wrap up the artist credits, master it, and get it uploaded to Kunaki and Bandcamp.

Right now, between alanza and I (totally my fault), the two of you, and another pair, I’m expecting three more late tracks. Once I get those, I’ll call it done.

If you haven’t already communicated to me that you’re going to come in late, then I’m not expecting you, so if you do expect to be late, please say something, and I’ll wait until you’re ready!


Much appreciated, @jasonw22. Thanks for the clarification, and for massive effort you’re putting into this!


LCRP is some of the most fun I have all year! :wink:


I’m really looking forward to listening to what we’ve all cooked up and hearing more about everyone’s collaboration process!


i kinda (kinda kinda) mastered our submission in terms of some non-clipping limiting. i didn’t even think to not complete the track before submission.