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It’s all good. I don’t apply some kind of blind automated process to everything. In fact, I do as little as humanly possible. But sometimes one or two tracks need a little assistance to get them to fit with the rest. I have a very light touch.


I disappeared for a couple weeks and didn’t get @mxpt our third round until today, and it wasn’t anywhere near complete, but he was a hero and turned it around in a few hours. I’m gonna add some final tweaks and get it to you tomorrow, if that’s okay.


Sweet 20 characters!


@Olivier and I just finished up our piece. Hands down the most fun project I’ve been part of on the forum. Can’t wait to hear all the tracks. Thanks to @jasonw22 for the great work : - )


And this one seems like it was particularly fun! Great idea with making this a collab thing!

Isn’t this going to be mastered by somebody like the other LCRPs?


more stream of consciousness


Those prints are incredible, I have the My Bloody Valentine/ Yo La Tengo one.


Yes. That’ll be done by me. People are worried about what state to send their tracks in, but I’ve never once received a track that was hard to work with. If I did, I’m sure it would be relatively easy to solve.


Oh ok, that’s what you meant. Everything is clear, thanks for explaining!


As far as album art. I have a mental picture…
The fall equinox is the beginning of the movement toward the winter solstice. In European mythology this is the beginning descent of the sun into darkness.

Others write better than I…

The symbolic sacrifice of the god at the sabbat of Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, is part of the fertilization process for the future spring planting season. For us today this is a time of cutting away what we no longer need or have moved beyond. There are a few variaof harvest customs from around the world that call the last sheaf standing in the fields the “old man.” I wonder if this is a link to the sacrificial harvest king? Overall, the “old man” was treated much less gently than the corn mother or corn child, for here, in the spirit of the harvest, the god gives up his life at the harvest to feed his people.

As the final crops and fruits are collected, the god, represented by the weakening sun, returns to the earth to rest with the goddess until it is time for him to be reborn again. Sometimes this is referred to as the sun god going into the seed or being held within the grain. At harvest-tide, a time of incredible bounty spreads out across the land. The grains were full of the life and energy of the god, the earth mother rewarded us with her bounty, and finally the crops were all harvested. The fruits of the fields were gathered and then safely stored away.

from longer article


(from memory) In a very classic (but unfortunately untranslated) planet opera comics series, Le cycle de Cyann, there is a planet with rings on a plane, like Saturn. The shadow the rings cast on the surface make for a strange seasons’ rhythm. At one point in the story, two characters (well, three if you count the mount) are sitting on the equatorial line, on an equinox day.

The characters’ ways part, but at the same time they earn a kind of completeness in the process (a feeling that actually goes through the author’s entire work, and that somehow resonates deeply in me relating to the lurking impermanence that autumn makes resurge).
It is much more powerful in context than this single image, and one of the most marking evocation of equinox to me.


Apologies folks, work has utterly taken over my life today. I had intended to wrap things up tonight, but I’m not going to be able to. Mañana!


This week kicked my ass!

But I am on the LCRP job this morning. Stay tuned.


I wish your ass (and all that’s attached to it) a speedy recovery.


I’m putting each pair of artist credits in alphanumeric order, just so ya know.


17 tracks clock in at one hour and 21 minutes. Kunaki’s limit is 7 minutes shorter. I guess it’s another double CD!


Go team!

Super happy.:crazy_face:


I’d love to hear about the process each of you went through to create these songs!


Amazing! Love the artwork @Angela and @jasonw22


WOO HOO! Downloading!
Can’t wait to listen to what everyone came up with.