Duplicate Modules

I thought it might be interesting to hear about what modules people use in multiples? As a person who is constantly trying to keep things concise, the temptation is ever looming! Are there any modules you feel really only begin to shine in multiples? Any modules that you can’t get enough of?

Just Friends was my first and is still my only duplicate - I like the oscillator AND lfo cycle functions too much to choose between the two.


Happily rocking twin Double Andore MKIIs for quad envelope / VCA / LFO duties (amongst other tricks). Quite a lot of HP, but if you can spare the space…

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An obvious one, I have two STOs and am thinking about swapping out my Mangrove for another - or getting another Mangrove. I like having two similar sounding voices interplay and harmonise. I keep considering a second Cold Mac too. One for audio and one for CV.

At different points in time I’ve had 2x Clouds (each running different firmware), 2x Rubicon, and 2x Mangrove. Of those three, I still have the Mangroves and I really like the setup - I have an isms that is almost completely Monome and Mannequins modules. I am considering buying duplicates of some of the other Mannequin modules starting with Cold Mac, but my intention would be to use them in a separate case.

[quote=“Kel, post:4, topic:12295”]
MI - Elements - one of my favourite synths ever.
[/quote]Have you used Rings? How do they compare?

Every time i’m 8 cables deep in Cold Mac I think the same thing…


I have three mangroves for obvious reasons…


2x mangroves, carrier/modulator. And 2x shades close at hand which I’m always using for control or blending

I enjoy having two Just Friends… greatly. Two 3 Sisters. Two W/s on the way. Working on a second Mangrove. Pretty obvious trend. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Other than that some practical stuff. Two Contours and a Dynamix since they’re kind of a team, parked next to the Maths. Two Bubblesound Mix6s which are pretty handy for doing submixes of the JF & 3 Sisters’ outputs.

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I’ve had a few sets of doubles over the years. Currently I’m loving 2x just friends 2x 3sisters 2x cold mac 2x ornament&crime 2x Optomix 2x triatts (if they count). Considered two rings got a plaits to pair. Also considering 2 mangroves or STO’s as I have one of each. Double vcos is always worth doing.
Duplicates are the best!

I’ve got double Maths.

I also have two Distings and two Dixie IIs. The Maths and Distings are in separate cases but I usually use the two cases together. When I had just one Disting I would often find myself in the middle of a patch trying to decide which algorithm to use knowing that whichever I chose would influence other choices further along in the patch. At some point I decided it would be easier to just get another Disting. Since then I’ve had fun playing around with doubling algorithms like the Dual Shift Register Trigs and the Dual Euclidean Patterns algos.

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I have two or three of many modules:

2x Maths
2x Function
2x Disting MK4
2x Pamela’s New Workout
2x uO_C
2x STO
2x Dixie 2+
2x Rings
2x Manhattan DTM
2x Malekko Mix
3x Optomix

Plus some passive utility modules I have a few of. Also, I’m sure sooner or later I’ll get a second Mangrove, too.


2x triatt
2x mangrove

There are some modules that are so functional that it makes sense. I use the triatts for offsets into just friends run jack or er-301, attenuation of modulation, and audio mixing. Mangroves can be used for all kinds of things, but I love the way 2 of them sound playing melodies.

I have 2x Mangroves, 2x Ansible, and W// on the way. At one point I had 2x Just Friends, and I almost certainly will again.

Edit: Last night I purchased a second JF :sweat_smile:


i have 3 PLonks and two Rings in my drumbo~

2x Rings.
I used to have two Mangroves at one point but I had to sell one of them to fund another purchase. After I got a Cold Mac I kind of regret letting that second Mangrove go.
I would love to have 2x Morphagene and 2x Just Friends. Some day…

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I have a few duplicates in my case:

2 x MI Rings
2 x MI Plaits
2 x MI Shades
3 x Pico DSP
3 x 2hp VCA

Considering a second Varigate 4+ (Due to HP space and ease of use). Wish I had room for a second Erbe-Verb.


Lots of duplicates in my system:

2x Just Friends
2x Mangrove
2x Maths
2x Planar
2x Ansible
2x Txo (and 2 Txi as soon as i can get my hand on another one)
2x TriAtt
2x uVCA II

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2x Batumi
2x Just Friends
2x Mangrove

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