Dust mitigation

I struggle with allergies, so I have an oversized air purifier running continuously on high (except for when I’m playing music).

Almost all of the dust ends up on the prefilter of the HEPA filter, so I don’t bother with covers anymore.

My tools for the cat hair menace

I also try to sweep often as my feet tend to collect resistor leads :sob:


I have an uncovered 104hp skiff and a few 4ms Pods—all full of modules—that have unfortunately accumulated considerable dust due to neglect. Does anyone have recommendations for removing dust from Eurorack/modular equipment specifically? Should I remove all of the modules?

I would do a full clean - remove modules, dust the insides and out and then hit it with one of these every day. Been working great for me.

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Shower curtains, cut to size and lightly burnt along the cut edges with a lighter so they don’t shed threads. They are easily set on fire so be careful. The fabric kind is better than PVC.

I wouldn’t use normal fabric because dust gets stuck inside it.

Any more input on this? I’m looking for some sort of duster with suction. I dust now with a small brush but feel I’m just moving the dust around. Would like something high quality to suction the dust up.

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