DXΣ: using HTTP + WLAN for centralised + distributed musical control

DXΣ (dee - ex - sigma) is the name I’ve given to my now fairly long-standing project to institute a constellation of frequency modulation (&, when webkit joins the audioWorklet party, phase-modulation) synthesis engines in the browser using Web Audio API, the plan being to use stochastic techniques to manage both centralised and distributed forms of musical control.

this particular iteration (I’m calling passif) uses a pretty rudimentary 6-operator FM stack to make percussive dings - I will be making more interesting / experimental synthesis engines later, but this seemed like a clear / illustrative place to start the prototyping process.

initially, central control will be via a grid 128 talking OSC to a node server, which communicates to the audience instances via websockets. currently I have a (very) basic prototype working on a Raspberry Pi, the eventual plan being to potentially integrate with a FATES workflow.

not sure how feasible this would be, but theoretically I think it should be possible to run a web server on a NORNS? would be a pretty cool project I think, augmenting NORNS to be able to harness / coordinate the synthesis / loudspeaker capacities of any phones / devices in its immediate vicinity.

anyway, this is my project at the moment. I’ll post in this thread as I have updates.

very happy to hear any thoughts / feelings / questions / ideas / advice from members of the lines community.

so, yes - let me know what you think!