Earthsea Edge lock-up

I opened a bug in GitHub, but my Earthsea’s “Edge” output tends to lockup after a while of playing, but I haven’t noticed a reliable pattern to get it to trigger, other than playing lots of notes very quickly for several minutes.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? The only way to fix it is to power-cycle my setup, which is pretty annoying when it happens during jams or live :frowning:

can you test with this new version? it uses the updated libavr32 which has tons of fixes.

note: this will kill your presets, i apologize. (45.9 KB)

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Sure I can try that this evening, thank you!

So far so good with the new build! I’ll update if I encounter a lockup but this looks really solid.

I still experience phases of instability and massive slow down every few 3 - 5 minutes when I clock earthsea via i2c from teletype. It would be really great if this could be fixed someday.


Is that while running the 2.0 RC on Teletype? I don’t have my Earthsea connected to my Teletype, so I was curious if it’s Earthsea or Teletype that’s unstable

you tried this new version?

will get that bug back in the todo list if so

i too get an occaisonal crash with earthsea it just locks up and i have to restart the system

Yes, i installed the version you posted above - but with the teletype 2 release candidate posted by @sam

I can try the alternative teletype firmware @scanner_darkly did if that is stable and compatible with the 2.0 beta regarding the expander features.

Sounds good what @saintcloud is writing - I will report back later.

You are speaking about the earthsea firmware @tehn postet above, aren’t you? Since I did not find one by @scanner_darkly.

And you are clocking earthsea with the ES.CLOCK 1 command from teletype after applying ES.MODE 1?

I have installed both now and it seems that the pattern has changed from about every 3 - 5 minutes to about every 10 minutes getting a phase of heavy slowdown for about 10 seconds. It still sometimes occurs that an unstable phase is skipped. It seems to stay in the time pattern though. So it’s getting less worse and might help to identify the problem, which is a good thing.

it’s the one posted here: Does your teletype stop responding after an hour or two?

it’s a version that includes everything from the version @tehn posted above plus some additional changes both in ES code as well as some stability changes i experimented with in libavr32. it’s entirely possible some new bugs were introduced in the process, so proceed with caution but i’m curious if this version fixes your problems. the usual disclaimer - updating firmware will erase your presets! this version should be compatible with teletype 2.0 rc1 version.


@scanner_darkly if you want to submit a PR i’d be happy to review the additional changes to see if they’re risky.

thanks again!


Okay, I don’t have much time right now but I installed the correct version for ES and had it run flawless for over 30 minutes, which is the first time ever!

I feel somewhere between slightly optimistic and very very happy - and grateful!

I would not understand what you did there but it seems to be a great idea and I hope it works to implement it everywhere as a fix.

:grinning: :joy::heart_eyes:


@tehn PRs submitted!

to clarify: this version of earthsea was mainly to make it easier to test the stability fixes for teletype (it’s possible that any ttrilogy/ansible firmwares that are still using older versions of libavr32 could still cause teletype to freeze). since i only tested it very briefly myself (only recently got an earthsea and i don’t even have the i2c header on it yet, so no way to test remotes at all) it’s entirely possible these changes introduce some new bugs.

since it seems to be working well if folks are willing to beta test it it will certainly help in the future when we’re ready to apply the same stability fixes to other firmwares. i’ll be happy to try and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

one more thing: the version that i linked from the other thread was a bit behind, i’ve made some additional changes since then that are also aimed at improving stability. if you have the time to beta test please use this version instead:

earthsea.hex [c868a91]

the usual disclaimer - flashing will erase your presets!


did anybody have a chance to play with this version?

i just pushed this to a new tiny incremental release, v1.9.4


if you are able to reproduce it this would be hugely helpful! and then if you can try this version and see if you can still reproduce (i added irq protection around SPI writes):

earthsea.hex (133.2 KB) adf7cc5

this version might potentially reintroduce this bug, see if you run into anything like that: Heavy slow downs with Earthsea


so with the previous version once it becomes corrupted it stays that way but with the latest version at some point it starts working again?

going to have to investigate this one further…

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starting to work on this again, i think i’m able to reproduce it. but to confirm, is this the behaviour you’re seeing?

  • set triple shapes to output the same voltage for all outputs but different voltage for each shape
  • create a script that selects a random shape - when selecting a shape all 3 outputs should be set to the same voltage
  • trigger the script at audio rates - at some point as you increase the rate the outputs don’t output the same voltage anymore, like the’re out of phase
  • if you lower the rate it goes back to working as expected.

does this sound accurate?