Earthsea Edge lock-up

when it stopped updating completely did it recover if you lowered the rate?

interesting… i’ll see if i can reproduce this behaviour.

still not able to reproduce your scenario… using your script, audio rate triggers to 1&2, at certain point the 3 outputs go out of sync but then if i lower the rate it goes back to normal. tried adding more ES and TO remotes to metro script set to 2ms, i still can’t get it to become corrupted where it doesn’t recover when i lower the rate.

can you describe how earthsea is set up? i’m thinking maybe that’s what’s different in my test. also, are you using powered i2c backpack or is it just connected to teletype?

i’ll play with it some more, using different scripts. the fact it’s difficult to reproduce is a good sign in itself…

did anybody else have a chance to try the latest version?