Earthsea firmware update: help keys

a minor but helpful update:

ability to toggle a background dim “map” which allows for easier scale navigation. hold SLEW to toggle keys in this scale map. only a visual reference.

how to update:


So simple but so helpful (I never played Keyboard). Thanks!

Neat! I read somewhere that there’ll be some future upgrade or something, that enables tempo synching of earthsea. Is this coming, under which form and when? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Totally loving the module,but im really bad at keeping timings and that sucks when you try to make an arp stick to a beat.

Totally awesome addition to already great module!

Thank you tehn!

it’s coming. by early june.



Brilliant! Cant wait!!

Tried to upadte, but says device not found. The update of the White Whale worked with no problems…?

try again. be sure you’re holding down the front key on the module while powering up.

Ah. Well how did you do that. Are you one of those mediums that can heal my modules through the internet! Impressive! Joke aside, I think the problem it didn’t get into bootloader modus is that I kept the USB cable connected to the computer. Unplugged, waited a bit, and it worked. thanks again for the encouregment. Can’t wait for the upcoming EARTHSEA thing/update/module! any news you could share?

friday hopefully. y’all gonna freak out.


i am excited!


looks like i have to get an earthsea asap.

new stuff isn’t earthsea specific by any means. it can extend ww/mp/es all at once-- but that’s really a secondary feature.

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even more intrigued now. have a ww and mp already. before buying more, i’ll wait to see what you’ve come up with.

Oh goody!!! This ios exciting. I had a lot of people interested in the grid and modules on our last synth meet, hope this will get more people into the monome game!

Ditto that.

Looking forward to the new hotness.


So walk and teletype…and a goat. Spill the beans!

I believe the official spilling of the beans will take place tomorrow…

That ceramic module is tragically lacking in cv.