Earthsea firmware update: help keys

That’s right, no CV. But tickling the goat with the feather will cause all kinds of craziness.

Hm. Teletype is the obvious one here. But what’s the Walk? Is that the clokcing solution for earthsea?

I LOVE the help keys feature!

Here is one way I ended up using it, which really helped me learn the layout and generally orient my hands in the tonal landscape of the grid.

I mapped the whole grid “tuned” to a C3 being the button 3rd from left / 3rd from bottom (see the red key in the image and enclosed pdf). I tuned my oscillators to that, so that the rest of the layout stayed in tune. The red lines on the key map sheet also outline the 5 octave “reach” of the grid. And you can clearly see the 45 degree diagonal flow of the octaves.

Then using the help keys feature I mapped all the “black keys” on the grid (see picture).
Using this layout really helped me understand the flow of harmonic relationships, and allowed me to get more musical outcomes faster.

Hopefully this can be useful to someone else.

ES_key_map_1.1.pdf (327.0 KB)


Thinking of picking up Earthsea but need to understand how this dim mapping works. I see update links but no updated users manual, so not sure how to proceed…

From the text on the update link:
hold SLEW (second from bottom) on the left row. now any key will have its brightness toggled. this way you can give yourself a helper “map” to particular scales.

Duh! That was so concise I missed it looking for a doc! Thanks!

What is max voltage on shape memories? Thx

did the tempo sync ever happen? I haven’t updated the module, so I might have missed it, but haven’t heard anything more about the tempo sync. I’d really love to have an external clock sync/quantize my earthsea-playing. loving the module otherwise, but a loop quickly gets out of sync with the rest of my system.

external sync can be accomplished via Teletype using II commands, basically introducing a clock input for recorded earthsea sequences

What does the button next to the USB port do?

Check out the section on “Presets” in the documentation: hopefully that will answer all your questions.

Thanks! I missed that part!

After many sacrificial offerings to the modular gods i’ve finally got my hands on a used earthsea!!! although it seems to be pre “keymap help” firmware. The original link in this thread is routing me to the monome homepage. Am I missing something? does anyone have a link to the latest firmware? Thanks so much

ok…nevermind, everyone can relax. I found it :slight_smile: