Earthsea/Grid connectivity help

Hi there, I’m new to this forum, and to monome in general. I recently purchased a Grid and have the earthsea module connected to a new Erica Synths case (which provides enough power for the module from my understanding), however It seems like the earthsea is not powering up the grid when i connect the two via the usb cable. The monome lights animate when i connect it to a computer however, so i ruled out that it’s either a defective cable or grid. I also installed the latest firmware for earthsea/grid compatibility (1.9.5). Lastly, when i power up the case, the earthsea does not light up, however when i turn off the case, i see a flicker of light next to the edge port. Does anyone have any tips or further information that might help me out? I’m super new to this so i’d appreciate anything that may help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hi Mike! hope all’s well otherwise :slight_smile:

this is normal – the grid input is what activates triggers + changes voltage to register on the LEDs.

v good troubleshooting! the grid would still emit its light burst even if the earthsea’s firmware were out of date – that burst indicates that the grid is receiving power. so no burst would mean the module isn’t supplying power over the USB port.

can you link to the one you’re using? if it’s their standard, it ought to supply 800mA, but just want to make sure.

otherwise, it’s possible something’s up with the earthsea module – we’d be happy to help arrange reasonable repair via

thanks so much for the reply!

here’s the case - Erica Synths Carbon Fiber Case

happy to help!

looks okay if you don’t have any other 5V modules on the bus.

beyond checking the module to ensure the two boards are solidly sandwiched together, i think an email for repair is the best bet :slight_smile: