Earthsea hacking

So I’ve finally got round to having a play with the earthsea I purchased a few weeks back… I’ve been struggling a little with the isomorphic keyboard so I tweaked the firmware a bit so that it lights up the same note at equivalent positions on the grid, as well as the same note in all octaves (but very dim).

Probably easiest demonstrated with a picture:

The code is here:

It only displays the extra notes when you’re playing, not when playing a pattern (or arp).

Is there any interest from other earthsea users to add this to the released firmware?


i did actually consider adding this in the past. seems like very helpful.

did you also see the feature where you can manually “mark” a keymap? (this is absurd, but i’ve off-hand forgotten the key to hold down)

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It can be a bit visually distracting if you’re playing fast. Maybe there should be a way to turn it off…

Yes I have, I’ve been using a bit too. Hold the slew button down, 2nd from bottom maybe?

i’m mostly using my grid just for earthsea so i did a little analog hacking to free up my brain.
i marked the octaves. i find that it’s easiest to play “around” them diagonally.


super interesting.
i think I am going to try this, just to see how it feels in actual use.
“on paper” it seems like it would be both: useful AND confusing at the same time :wink:

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