Earthsea issues

I just bought a used Earthsea, but I can’t get it to work properly.

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest, 1.9.5., so it connects to my computer and starts well in bootloader. Firmware update went by with no warnings or similar.

Connecting the Grid, the grid runs the startup sequence, so it receives power, but no lights after that, no lights on the module itself either.

I have a 2021 128 Grid, which plays well with the rest of my gear, so no issues w/ grid or cable.

Rack is powered by Row power 35 which has 1A 5v, so should be well within what is needed. Only other 5v unit is Meng Qi’s Hand.

Anything I’ve missed?

that all sounds correct, so it’s probably time to email for a repair/inspection.

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