Earthsea - MIDI problems?

Several folks have mentioned running into problems with the earthsea MIDI functionality (released as part of the version 1.8 firmware)

@JohnWynberg @Ycros @sam have reported issues when using a SubPhatty or Linnstrument.

Are people having problems in general? If so:

  • which controller are you using?
  • does earthsea lock up or just not respond as expected?
  • what kind of MIDI data is being sent when the problem occurs (pitch bend? notes? sysex? lots of data?)

Feedback is appreciated and will help immensely in tracking down any problems.

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Not me guv. I had problems with a Korg Microkey 25, but that was fixed with a beta hex you PM’d me. As far as I can recall, my Earthsea is still running the same firmware.

I can build my own copy from the current master and test with my Microkey again if you want me to?

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