Earthsea n00b users' group!

i have the opportunity of including two earthseas in a rig, it just seems to speak to the way i construct sounds more so than my perception of the White Whale. Am i correct in assuming that i can get similar functionality out of the ansible in regards to white whale operations?

Like removing the white whale for two earth seas, my case if pretty much full so i 6hp is precious space now so if i can use ansible for white whale duties when needed so to speak

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we all see something different in this

i see ww as unique…ansible has no knobs, no orca (yet), and its kria is a slightly different instrument

if you dont have space, you gotta determine which methods matter to you and the system youre planning

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My understanding is that Kria (an alternate firmware for White Whale) is part of Ansible, so you should be OK unless the special sauce of White Whale is important to you (as compared to Kria).

PS - I’ve just hit the buy button on an Earthsea, so I’m going down the rabbit hole with you, dude.



thank goodness we can compare notes. RIght now, i have Earth1 talking to IFM Denum->chronoblob and sparkles from just friends tweaking the ieaskul insanities. I am glad you found one. I’m told the Legacy modules are disappearing

drink this and down the hole we go :slight_smile:

glad to see you around here

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I may be joining you as soon as today.

Earthsea n00b users’ group!

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Oh this is awesome. LETS please. I will gladly rename this thread :slight_smile:

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this thread has been re-named for Earthsea noobies to share notes. hah!

intoxicating complex arpeggios and drones and shared experiences

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20 characters.

Ah. Now I get it!


(glug glug glug)

There’s still EarthSea inventory at CONTROL and Analogue Haven if their websites are any indicator.

The thing that pushed me over the edge on ES was that it is a performance interface. It is not primarily about X0X programming and straight 8 beats. It should complement Ansible perfectly.

Now I need to start saving my pennies for a Grid :wink:

Glug, glug, glug indeed.

Earthsea–and a Walk, with foot switches–ordered.

Control Voltage in PDX has 'em.

this shall be fun onward!

Earthsea was my first Monome module but I feel like I maybe should have started with WW. It just didn’t function exactly how I thought it would with the rest of my system. I’m thinking that incorporating a TT may be what I need to open it up (and I want a TT anyway :slight_smile:). I really just need to spend more time with it I guess.

I posted a suggestion in the other Earthsea thread about an idea I had: a new FW that tailors the ES to be a playable shift register. This is probably already possible but a few tweaks would make it smoother to operate and more intuitive.

Yesss - super timely. Just bought an earthsea myself.

Okay, so while we’re all apparently waiting for our moduels to arrive (or are some of you up and running?), let’s clarify what “or highly taxed” means.

The case that my Earthsea will live in is spec’d at 1A at +5V.

Looking good.

It’s that “highly taxed” that has me ever so slightly concerned. Do we only need be concerned with total current draw on the +5V bus? Or do the +12V/-12V buses somehow factor in as well?

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You need to add up the total usage of your +5v rail from all the other connected modules. If you are approaching 80% or so of the spec’d output when you include the ES (or any Monome module), you may consider upgrading your PSU. Keep in mind that if you are running multiple Monome modules, you do not need to include the full 600ma of the spec’d Monome unless you are running more than one Grids at a time.

EDIT: Also, you may consider running a SWITCH module anyway. Some PSUs get noisy with the Grids attached and LEDs on. Some don’t. YMMV.

Excellent, that’s what I thought…more or less.

At the moment, this Intellijel 4U/104 case has six Mannequins modules, the Ansible, and just a few 1U modules. I checked the specs on the Mannequins modules and there is no spec at all for the +5V bus, so can I assume that that means they consume no power on that bus?

Sorry if that’s a Modular 101 question.

Great note about the PSUs and noise. I have sometimes noticed a faint high pitched whine/hiss, that sometimes seems to switch when I change config modes.

All of this will eventually end up in a forthcoming -isms case, assuming they all fit.

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this is good info cause i wasnt sure and just recently got my ES

couldnt find a concrete answer so i just stopped using mine to be safe

turns out i too have 1A on the 5v rail and so the grid should only be using roughly half with all leds lit

Earthsea and Walk received, installed, hastily tested–have to run to kid’s soccer game, but first five minute impressions:


Weirdly, I’m more excited about Walk at the moment than Earthsea, if only because I can now enlist my feet. Playing tones as if with a kick and high hat pedal is DOPE.

I said dope twice.

I need help.

Earthsea will take more time to explore, but I LOVE that I can now play the grid a bit more like a keyboard; i.e., not in a perpetual sequencer mode. This is huge!



I also installed my ES yesterday. Quick testing was fun but I have to study the docs to further understand the possibilities

What I didn’t understand at first sight was what to do with the first three outputs (the ‘edge’ and ‘pos’ outs where obvious)