Earthsea n00b users' group!


How’s everyone doing with their Earthsea? I took a break to work on my hybrid system for a week and will be returning to monome world beginning tonight




I am super on board right now with Earthsea controlling a bunch of the parameters on Rings. It’s really nice to be able to alter so many aspects of the timbre so quickly, and with the addition of any other modulation it becomes such a full, complete sound.

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if you have teletype in your kit i’ve found setting up basic scripts to switch earthsea patterns and trigger sequence resets is very rewarding and you get all sorts of unexpected results.



Earthsea is my favorite monome module especially triggering and cv’ing drum hits



I just picked up Earthsea and will delve into it this weekend. Has anyone created any tutorial videos on its features?

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The cash gods have shone their beneficent light on me and I am about ready to buy my grid, which will herald the start of my Earthsea explorations. Which leads me to my question:

One thing I noted is absent in the video, and to my eyes also absent in the documentation, are recommendations on how to patch from the Earthsea to the rest of the modular setup. For n00bs comme moi, these sorts of patch notes would be invaluable, especially if they involve more-or-less standard modules such as Maths, Mangrove, Three Sisters, Cold Mac, etc.



Just got an Earthsea as well and I’m using it with Rings quite a bit. The 3 CVs seem like they would be useful with the brightness, damping, position, and structure cv inputs, but I haven’t experimented a whole lot with that yet. If I were to use it with an oscillator, I would want to control the attack/decay envelope generator and the frequency of a filter. I’m sure there are other ways to use it that are more creative than this, so I’m looking forward to seeing what others have tried. :smile:



Well, life being what it is, I’ve finally (!) ordered my grid, and will be getting Earthsea installed this weekend. Job #1 is updating the firmware. I’m curious to hear how you are all making use of it in a post-Ansible world.

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I was recently lucky enough to find an earthsea after a few months of on/off searching. After getting it in the mail, my first simple patch today was running Mangrove through an LxD and using 2-presses to open and close the CV of the gate, while tastefully drowning it in reverb from a Big Sky to get lush, swelling pads through scalar runs.

But what I’m most looking forward to? I’ve recently been doing free improvisation jams with a bassist friend of mine and it will be nice to use this in addition to sequences for real-time playing…something I often miss being able to do with a modular. Having been raised as a guitarist the 1/2 steps and 4ths layout is really welcoming and familiar to me, I’m having a blast so far!



I would love to hear a recording of your jams! That’s exactly how I plan on using my ES.

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I’ve been enjoying using Earthsea to play 2 note chords by patching position to a uScale and one of the CV outputs to the uScales shift input



This kind of demonstrates it - The patch is just 2 simple oscilators being sequenced - you can see CV 2 moving around and shifting the interval. I should record something with slower chords at some point

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Using mine in combo with my Teletype for magic arp movement.



Would love to see a video of this!

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Ah! My link didn’t work. Wasn’t the best example anyway - I’ll get something posted in the next couple of days :slight_smile:



A short video following up my post form earlier in the thread :slight_smile:



External clocking is only possible if the Earthsea is clocked via the II connection to a Teletype. See the ES.MODE command.



Damn, I don’t have a Teletype and didn’t really want to go down that route for my modular. What a shame as that would make a huge difference in the ES integration and usability!



As an ES n00b I’d value sharing some patch notes here, to include a) integrating envelopes b) driving different types of modules with the three ES channels such as Clouds and Warps and c) performance tips. It’s a measure of the power of this instrument that it reveals itself both instantly and slowly.



it’s likely my most used monome module :slight_smile: so accessible yet deep. and the realtime input asks you to practice.

i’ve been enjoying patching the 3 cv channels to VCAs (1u tiles) and experimenting with different timbral routings of the main voice i’m using - ie. modulation amount on a TZFM patch and reverb send. then i’ll play a pattern very slowly with different shape memories on every note and an irregular rhythm. after it’s recorded i’ll start to speed up playback and see what strange new patterns are revealed.

make a bunch of these and start jumping between patterns.


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