Earthsea: New Documentation

With diagrams. Be sure you’ve experienced all the features in this module, there are a lot, and it can make some spectacularly musical and weird structures.


super cool!
i especially like the visual explanations, like chord forms and scales.

thank you!

an ultra nit-picky thing:
for the web page manuals that you guys are releasing now, I would title the pages with the names of the modules, instead of all of them showing up as “index”… :wink:

ah! i was manually editing those (they don’t make it into the markdown export) and clearly forgot! will fix, thanks for the heads up.

i’d also be interested in revisiting your feature wishlist, if it’s brewed more over the last couple months?

Woah these visual guides are great.


i don’t have any new observations other than things mentioned in greater detail in the earthsea thread on the old forum:

but here is an abbreviated version:

– ability to sync to external clock. that is a big one for me! (in the old thread you mentioned a possibility of a “tiny extension module” is that still an option, or was that set aside based on other ideas?) (how the module reacts to the incoming clock could be user defined as well (only sync when in pattern mode, trigger each nite in pattern, or playback of entire pattern sequence, etc.)

– in the absence of external sync, the ability to adjust the tempo of playback more accurately would be useful. instead of doubling and/or halfing the current speed. maybe additional up/down keys that make tiny speed adjustments while the other hand holds the triangle up/down configuration?

– ability to save user defined visual “hints” for scales or keynlayouts (huge in my book! :smile:

– ability to determine the behavior of notes that in pattern playback “breach” the edge of the grid (for example: the current “stay on edge” behavior, the Polygome shift to the opposite side of grid, or play the “right” notes in the phantom grid area, etc.)

– ability to toggle “linearize” function, or:

– ability to undo last “gesture”

other issues:

– the pattern playback gets stuck when accelerated to really fast speeds

– the tempo breaks down when patterns are being transposed while playing

this is a lot, but each one of these ideas came from exploring the module in use, and in relation to the other monome modules, as a way of expanding the capabilities of the whole line.

hopefully this is helpful in some small way.

man, i need to get earthsea.

That’s what I think, too. Already put a wtb on muffs :smile:

I just got this module. i am not sure what version i have. hoping to get the usbaa cable i ordered soon fro digikey to be sure to be on newest firmware.

so far i am understanding the keyboard (in love with pitch layout), recording of pos/edge, looping and transposition.

the things i do not understand are:
the shapes and therefore the useful function of abc cv outs in terms of well, i am not sure. the pos and edge cv out are so obvious/easy linear. whereas the shapes seem so abstract. there are 8 of them? plus runes? do those all get recorded in the recording slot? the shapes seem very finicky, hard to enable some (probably more me being new user). would love shape tips. i guess each is blank and can simply be defined as a voltage output level per a/b/c out? so you could make weird voltage sequences and morph between etc? it seems to make sense but the implementation of those abc outs leaves me wondering what is going on (did i press something i shouldn’t have unintentionally?)

and then the arpeg. i just have no idea what it should be doing in terms of being monophonic in the first place. does it only work on the abc outs? i understand the transposition after recording has happened but the arpeg leaves me very very confused.

is there a version history for this module? i am not sure if the one i bought recently is up to date.

There is a list of current firmware downloads (including details of what changed) available here: Earthsea does have a v1.1 release but it only adds a visual cueing system, so not a big deal to update.

I’d recommend spending a good couple hours working through the documentation ( It’s very thorough about how the shape-memories work and should hopefully sink after spending some time with it.

In essence, the 8 shapes are just physical gestures for recalling 3 cv outputs. The ABC outs are thus ‘static’ voltages (though you can later add slew) recalled with a combination keypress. Easiest is to start out just using 2 or 3 shapes and only use channel A. You press one of the 2/3 finger shapes then turn the panel knob to define the output voltage. Then you can change this voltage with a keypress. These changes can then be recorded as well.

The ‘Arp Mode’ is just looped recording playback while transposing the root note. In order to use it, you need to record your Arp pattern into the recorder. Set it to playback and loop, then enter Arp mode and change the root note on the grid.

are the es 1.5 and ww 1.5 ok if you do not tt or are the earlier ones better if no tt?

I am sure they are. But if you have that cable, the update procedure is pretty simple/fast, and it usually is a good idea to have the most current firmware running.

With each update some (if any exist and are identified) bugs get fixed, and new things are added.

The ability to save/add user defined note hints to th egrid in earthsea for me is huge! That alone is worth the update! :smile:

trying to update right now. flummoxed.

installed homebrew. but when i try to “brew install dfu programmer” i get:

“Press RETURN to continue or any other key to abort
williams-iMac:~ williamcloyd$ brew install dfu-programmer
-bash: brew: command not found” inside of terminal.

i think i didn’t do the homebrew install right but it seems to be there in terminal.

anyway i load the bootloader on module, try to run the flash.command script and nothing happens. clock is supposed to blink indicating success?

sorry, any help would be deeply appreciated. i am an idiot with this stuff. literally never used terminal for anything. seems like black magic.

am i the only terminal noob unable to update despite appearing to have everything needed in order to update?

does running which brew in the terminal return /usr/local/bin/brew? it sounds like your path variable might not be setup. what does which dfu-programmer return?

i am not sure about all that but i tried to instigate terminal to spit responses and the following was what happened:
"Last login: Sun Jun 21 13:53:02 on console
williams-iMac:~ williamcloyd$ which brew
williams-iMac:~ williamcloyd$ which dfu-programmer
williams-iMac:~ williamcloyd$ "

which begs the question: how to set up homebrew path variable?

as i said, this stuff is black magic for me and the instal guide to get this far does not mention any of these steps afaik.

the help is super appreciated!

Is this what you pasted into terminal:

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

What do you get when you type the following and hit Enter:

echo $PATH