Earthsea note priority

I really enjoy earthsea in arp mode, but would like to see some kind of low note-prority implemented (like mono-phonic synth keyboards). In this way, you could hold and release keys (with the previously held key sounding/triggering the recorded pattern) upon release of subsequently held keys…if that makes sense. I think this would help earthsea to get closer to the playability of poligome (which I’ve always enjoyed).


big agreement here!!!

this is a very good point. i’ll look into it.


excellent; thank you

yes that is rocksolid™

What would also be useful, for me anyway, would be a method to transpose in ARP mode without triggering notes with each transposition. So the pattern would play in its recorded rhythm but transpositions could be applied… I thought I recalled that by transposing legato this could be achieved, but it looks like I must have dreamed that.

legato transposition indeed should work-- i’ll have to check that. and thanks for the bump on this feature request.