Earthsea sequencer (alt firmware?)

throwing this idea out there as i don’t have the time or the experience to code it up myself … how feasible does anyone think it would be to create an alternate, sequencer focused firmware for earth sea?

for starters, this would only be achievable when connected to teletype, but i was thinking that it would be useful to access the earthsea keymap programmatically. suppose that the main method of triggering the keymap is a command that can call each key directly (e.g., II ES.KEY 1, II ES.KEY 12, II ES.KEY 56, etc.). you could then write a command that steps through a list of values each time the input is triggered, effectively making a sequencer.

you could also have commands that reference both shape memories. i’m assuming that the current implementation of shape memories from teletype -> earthsea is limited to triples because the triples don’t trigger the keymap. if the II bus integration for earthsea could trigger the keymap, then i think it’s feasible to add the doubles as well as the triples.

anyway, just an idea! between meadowphysics, ww/orca, and earthsea, i rarely find myself able to interact with all of them. pushing earthsea more into an automation routine would be super useful, as would having II access to the double shape memories.

seems like this could be achievable without being a fully alt firmware-- just needs more II commands-- i’ll think on this!

i wondered if it could be added to the existing firmware … thought would be awesome!