Earthsea - Shape Memory - deactive channel not working

Hi all,

In the manual it states that if you set a shape memory channel’s Slew to maximum you will deactivate that channel. However when I turn slew to maximum it only reaches 15/16 on the grid and creates a long slew rather than deactivating the channel.

This seems like a really useful feature to me - has anyone else got it working?

I have the latest firmware on my module

Just bumping this to see if any one has any input? I’d love to be able to use this feature of Earthsea!

Here’s the section from the manual:

'Deactivated Channels (max slew)
Setting slew to the maximum value will deactivate that channel’s cv altogether for the current shape. Deactivated channels will visually turn off on the bottom three rows when holding the SLEW mode key.

When a shape has a deactivated channel, that cv channel will remain unchanged upon recall. If a channel is currently slew-ing toward a new value when a deactivated channel is recalled, the slew will continue as expected.

Use this functionality if you want long slews to remain uninterrupted while changing between other shape-memories quickly. Alternatively it can be used such that the given shape-memory takes on a different sound depending on the pattern that was recalled most recently before it.

i’ll check this out-- i’m not sure why the feature would no longer work!

Thanks Brian,

I’ve also noticed that the maximum shape memory CV output is around 9.2V on each output (corresponding to the 15th step on the grid) if that helps.

I was going to talk about this in in the new thread @xeric started but it was a bit too off topic so I’m bumping this one.

Does this (Shape memory deactivate channel) work for anyone? I always think this would be really useful.

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Interesting, I didn’t even know about this feature, I’ll try this out later to see if I can reproduce the issue