Earthsea two finger gesture bug

I just bought a earthsea module and use it with my GS 64. It’s a bit limiting but it works OK for me but I will pick up a new 128 as soon as I get one over here.
However, I have noticed an odd behaviour. The two finger gestures works for setting the cv values and plying notes at the same time. But when I use the forth two finger gesture (south-east) and move the gesture to another position (same gesture, different root note) it doesn’t change pitch. The three first gestures changes pitch when I play them repeatedly on different positions.
Is it a know bug on an old firmware version? I don’t have the right cable to perform an update.

I’ve uploaded an unlisted video on youtube: earthsea bug demonstration

I think I don’t have the latest firmware since nothing happens when I plug in my Korg Microkey USB keyboard. As I understand it should be playable with the latest FW.
It looks like it fixed in github issue

I don’t think this is a bug, from the manual:

Three finger gestures, or triples, only recall CV sets. Triples allow the performance of timbral change in the same way as single presses perform notes. These gestures are particularly useful when patterns are playing back, recalling cv sets without adding notes or changing the root position.

This is two finger gestures, not three.
It’s an old bug and it has been fixed. See this issue

I am on the newest firmware 1.9.4 and still do experience this bug.


Any news on this?

It is defenitely not fixed in 1.9.4.