Edinburgh/Glasgow community?


Throwing my hat in to say I’d love to travel up to play in Glasgow and/or Edinburgh any time :smiley:



The note is always a good place to go.


Haha, it’s on! I think I need to fight the bourgeois bit locally as well…
If this is gonna happen I suggest we start without rules and see what gear people show up with. It seems it’s possible to rent the 13th note bar for £50, including a sound engineer. But I mean, Glasgow should already have similar events.


I was surprised at that myself. I used to put on loads of punk gigs there and there was a £300 deposit, but you got it back if the bar made £100 or something.


I’m trying to build some kind of headless music/noise machine at the moment, but takes more time than anticipated. Any gigs this weekend to get some inspiration? :slight_smile:


The one I was supposed to be at got cancelled :frowning:

Waveshaper and Robert Parker in G-Town.


Ah, yeah I was thinking about waveshaper, the swede :slight_smile:
snts in edi tomorrow maybe


The event that got cancelled, was it a recurring event or a one and only time thing?

So, now the festival is coming up… What’s recommended?
I’ve identified light on the shore festival, van huynh company, and mogwai. I get dizzy by looking at the programme…
btw illum sphere in glasgow on friday


It was part of their tour. I have no idea of any electronic gigs happening unfortunately.

Audio seems to be the venue for touring electronic acts though. (It smells of damp and bleach in there though… Be warned).


Haha, thanks for the warning. Anyway, I like the feel of Glasgow, just seem a bit more relaxed :slight_smile:


Pro tip for Glasgow: Toilets in the train station cost 50p. But the bar has free toilets.

Also city council run museums have free toilets.


I don’t own any modular gear but I’d be up for taking part in this in some capacity. There’s a cafe in the west end of Glasgow called Fika that have a big space upstairs and sometimes host experimenta/minimal music nights, I kinda know the owner, could be a good shout if a concept coalesces?

Edit: also the hug + pint is doing free venue hire for a few dates in august, probably too short notice though


Heard about Fika, never been. Happy to support any events.


Well, I guess it’s time for proper Fika!
Sounds great if there’s already some directionality towards experimental stuff. Plus, I’m almost half-converted to weegianism by now…
Ok, so now we only need a lineup and date? :wink:
and for inspiration maybe a really cool workshop theme?


here’s last glasgow powwow!


cool! sorry for the caveman latency… really like the diversity of the setups
only a local biweekly that’s left to initiate haha


Hi All

I have again been offered the Folk Cafe, Nethergate, Dundee by my brothers partner for a free event

I was thinking Live Modular/Monome/MPC/909/Drum machine performances, DJ Set, Art install and food & cafeine to boot

Check google for pics, the cafe has a basement space and is licensed and we have a free reign too

I am up for suggestions and anyone interested in collaborating with a this get in touch please here.

I know its east coast but I can provide accommodation (couches)

The V and A Design Museum opens this weekend and Dundee is buzzing with worldwide attention

I need inspired so get in touch please :slight_smile:



cool! my setup is a bit of a mess right now, I’m trying to port my laptop into an embedded system, it might take a half year or so…!
otherwise, I could do a DJ set, maybe using the OP-1. do you mean this weekend for the live event as well?



cool, I DJ in the art bar in the westend though and always inteested in others to help there too

no not for this weekend i am afraid but soon as i get numbers :slight_smile:


this weekend would’ve been too short notice :slight_smile:
well, the problem is to get the ball rolling, maybe there’s a grassroot movement lurking in dundee?
otherwise, we can just merge the “rural scene” and “norns GB” together with the scottish separatists haha