Edinburgh/Glasgow community?


Excellent! I’d be interested in doing a short monome/modular set (ambient with field recordings and maybe a vocalist) if it’s not too soon! (Swapped out a lot of modules since my last live set so would need a bit of practicing first…) Would depend a bit on the date.


hi Simon,

At the moment I have no fixed date for this but its in the pipeline

Just need as many people as possible who can perform anything :slight_smile:



Excellent! I have a crazy generative teletype scene I really want to try playing out live…


Hiya Marcus,
This sounds really interesting. Based in Edinburgh. I play a modular synth and could be keen to get involved.

I’ve never performed before, but all my pieces are improvised, so I’m sure I could contribute something :smiley:


short update, nothing happened haha…? but a low effort/prep advice is to just show up at the regular open mic night at henry’s cellar bar mondays. doesn’t hurt with some “actual” music as well haha.
then, electronic coupe every other week(s), and have an occasional tech/hacking meeting beforehand :wink:
if there’s momentum then it’s easy to make a standalone night.


Had a spanner in the works with the venue all and apologies for delay.

I am hoping my sister in law will let this happen after the new year :slight_smile:

I have been caught up organising a drum n bass night also



I’m still hoping to have some kind of repeat of our “Wave Table” night of modular music in Edinburgh early in the new year. I’ll be sure to post here if the plan comes together!


great, have you decided in which venue? i’m dabbling a bit with ambient now as well, would be cool to make a collaborative monster session, like an all day/nighter or something :wink:

@spqr6510: do you have any plans of “live” drum n bass?


No concrete plans yet (including venue - we did it at Paradise Palms first time around back in February, which was fun, but I’m not sure it’s an ideal venue for this)… will probably be a bit of a low key affair for now but maybe it can grow into something more regular? Will let you all know if it comes to anything!


@konken Yeah I do have plans for live drum n bass and would you be interested ?

Link to our launch night on Saturday night is here (Hope mods okay with promoting):

My alias is Titch amongst others :slight_smile:



ok, yeah, i’ve scouted a couple of venues that look alright, depends on the type of music as well (like going all hifi with bass and stuff). at least weather makes it compelling to be musically creative indoors…

live drum n bass is ace, i would be interested to play for sure, maybe next time.


Excellent Konken

Will see how the opening night goeson saturday and be back in touch about both

I use MPC’s too so gonna integrate these too

I think I need to start a group type page and will have a think about how